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Everyone wants the “Job” done!…Isn’t it? The perfect career, marriage, good family environment, healthy relationships, healing, deliverance from a bad habit or addiction, overall success in all areas of life. Sometimes we can do the job ourselves because we have both the knowledge and the resources to do it. But what to do when we aren’t able to have the “Job” done? When we have used all the resources at our disposal, and still we couldn’t succeed?

Give a glance on the following word of the Holy Scriptures:

Exodus 34:10

 And He said: “Behold, I make a covenant. Before all your people I will do marvels such as have not been done in all the earth, nor in any nation; and all the people among whom you are shall see the work of the LORD. For it is an awesome thing that I will do with you.”

God indeed can work, and work wonderfully!… However He doesn’t work for us, rather WITH US!...He has the tools, the capacity, the skill, that’s why He is: Omnipresent (Can be in all places at the same time); Omnipotent (Almighty, having the infinite power and authority); Omniscient (Having infinite insight and knowledge).

Now and again we ask: God, why this couldn’t be done? Why din’t you answered me? And He replies: ” Indeed I can do whatever and whenever, however I NEED YOU TO GIVE ME THE WOOD, so that I can go there and do my part!..) 

Got it? God needs our wood in order to make the work. What kind of wood are we speaking?

  • An action or attitude towards what we want
  • Perseverance
  • Self-Belief
  • Great vision
  • Focus
  • Overcome circumstantial barriers or setbacks 
  • Get rid of negativity

Have you given your wood so that He can work?

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I would like to share a wonderful testimony with you.

A lady for many years has been fighting for her indefinite leave to remain in United Kingdom. Many years have passed by, many set backs and even in to detention center this lady has been!…She attends faithfully on Monday services for prosperity and we have been passing on her the faith to keep persevering and not to give up. Recently, against all odds,  her case has been taken to the High Court and all the expenses  (Of her court case ) will be paid by a government scheme. Now, she has been depending on someone’s help to survive here in UK.

What we always tell people is that we should not depend in the circumstances that surrounds us!…Rather we have to live by faith…by ignoring all setbacks, difficulties, negativities, etc…By faith we can surpass all difficulties, leap mountains. That’s why we need the guidance of the Holy Spirit!…It’s God’s voice inside of us. Guiding us to the right path.

So what happen? A simple inspiration!…Guess what? Making money using a smart phone ….Bear with me….

The inspiration is to send messages trough a smart phone ( Blackberry messenger!..) to all the contacts around the neighborhood and sell food!..People will reply with the order and pass by to pick it up!… 

I confess, I have heard many ways of making money…but that is really new for me!…Amazing…

Lesson number 1- Doesn’t matter what you don’t have!… USE WHAT YOU HAVE…Even if it’s just a phone… ( Have you got one?)

Lesson number 2-Believe that you can do it, believe in yourself.

Lesson number 3- Ask God to inspire you.

This lady found a Cash Cow, and as far I’m concern she doing very well!…


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