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Revolving Sword

Everything that has value and is precious, needs to be kept safe, to prevent loss, theft or any damage. If one places their money in the bank, jewellery in a safe, an important object of value in a special place, … Continue reading

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Terms and Conditions Apply

  When someone applies for a job, a visa, citizenship of a country, etc…one needs to meet the requirements. There are terms and conditions that need to be met, so that the person can get what he wants. In God’s … Continue reading

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God’s Voucher

  A voucher is a bond of the redeemable transaction type which is worth a certain monetary value and which may be spent only for specific reasons or on specific goods.  Let me present you “God’s Voucher”. What it is, … Continue reading

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Death Row

  The term “Death Row”, it’s used to describe the stage of the person waiting to be executed. After being judged, and proved to be guilty of their crimes, the death sentence is pronounced, and the person waits in the “Death … Continue reading

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The Infallible Recipe With 2 Ingredients

You will know the infallible recipe that changed the history of all world. Believers and unbelievers, scepticals, atheists, etc.. we all live in the calendar AC (After Christ). Let’s see that “Recipe”!…  John 3:16  ” For God so loved the world … Continue reading

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God’s “Ice”!…

Once the fish is caught, the very next strep is to keep it fresh. It may take a couple of days until it is sold. Everybody knows that in order to preserve the fish, Ice is needed!…Otherwise the fish will … Continue reading

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Return to Sender

Can a letter reach the destination without a stamp? Obviously not. In the same way, many who say that are of God will not reach the final destination- Eternity with God, our Salvation. Why? There’s no “Spiritual Stamp”!…The Holy Spirit. Ephesians … Continue reading

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