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Complaining or Claiming?

We often see people that complain about different matters of their lives. They murmur, get angry at themselves or someone else, or even try to find an escape goat in order to justify their failures. When one complains usually looses … Continue reading

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Map Your Success

January is a peculiar month, because gives us oportunity to refocus, to make new goals, to start afresh and if necessary all over again!..There’s where a true beginning starts, on decisions. If we keep on doing things as we have … Continue reading

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The Infallible Recipe With 2 Ingredients

You will know the infallible recipe that changed the history of all world. Believers and unbelievers, scepticals, atheists, etc.. we all live in the calendar AC (After Christ). Let’s see that “Recipe”!…  John 3:16  ” For God so loved the world … Continue reading

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Want to be a Leader?

The Leader: Never backs off Faces challenges Has new ideas Influences others Can manage other people Finds solutions Thinks Doesn’t look at the circumstances but changes them Is open minded Has vision Is one step ahead Helps Is a fountain … Continue reading

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3 Characteristics of Faith

The heroes of faith, overcame battles, challenges and went against the odds!…Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Elijah, Gideon, Daniel, David, etc…are just few of the all examples we have got in the Holy Scriptures. All of them had 3 things in common!…They … Continue reading

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The Harder, The Closer!…

When one starts climbing a mountain, it’s very easy at the very beginning!…One is full of energy and highly motivated to get to the top peek. However after a couple of hours, maybe minutes, the fatigue starts to kick in!… … Continue reading

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What’s the Voltage of Your Spirit?

Why there are people who succeed and others don’t? We may think on many different issues, explanations, lack of opportunities, resources, etc.. However, the truth is that there are those that didn’t have resources, opportunities and weren’t born with a … Continue reading

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