Spiritual Nourishment

Hi to all..

I decided to create a Blog to share inspirations, meditations and everything that will add for our spiritual nourishment!… Many times God speaks so strong, that is like trowing pearls to the sewer, in a way that what is so precious that everyone should take profit from it!…I don’t want to be the only one to take benefit of those precious pearls that God give’s us. I want to share, with as many as possible!.. I promise that I will only post what will add for our Spiritual Life!..

My Blog is Called and you can access it by typing in your browser:  elijahblogfire.com/

Feel free to share this Blog with those who want to drink from God, and obviously with friends, acquaintances and family members.

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7 Responses to Spiritual Nourishment

  1. Teresa Johnson says:

    Hi pastor
    Thank you for inviting me to your blog
    This lesson has come at the right time for me inthe 21 days
    Of seeking the holy spirit and can only enhance
    My spiritual life
    God bless
    Ms Teresa plaistow

  2. JOY says:

    Hi Pastor,

    Your blog is inspirational, thanks for sharing.
    God bless you, my love to everyone in Oxford. Jj says hi to Tiago.

  3. Isabel Velho says:

    Thank you pr. Elijah for this blog…..

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