A Body without Head

Can a body walk, breathe, think or survive without head? It’s impossible isn’t it? Well, what if I tell you that many people, spiritually wise are just like that!….A body without head.

How can that be? Give a glance to the following word?

And He is the head of the body, the church, who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, that in all things He may have the preeminence.”

Colossians 1:18

Jesus Christ is the head…what is the head for?  The head is the intellect, understanding, the guide of the body, the center of our decisions, everything passes by the head. Now if one lacks the Head ( Not the physical one, rather the Spiritual) how can one be guided and take good decisions? Usually those who don’t make Jesus their head, they take decision from the heart, by their emotions, feelings, what their senses tell them.

That is very dangerous!…To follow the heart is the same as entering in a path full of deceit, because that’s what the heart is-DECEITFUL!…

How many wrong decisions we took in our lives following our heart? If you recall, that my have happen countless times ? Many even say: I always follow my heart!..

Is as you are going to an unknown place and you ask a child the right direction!…He will tell you that either doesn’t know or probably sent you the in the wrong way! It’s just not reliable.

In a practical way: The head (Jesus Christ) is not about being religious, to say: I believe, to attend a church, rather to have God’s mind!..

God’s mind is about His way of thinking. Is about letting Him guide you with intelligence not with emotions, and that is only possible trough His Spirit, the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit! The Holy Spirit gives you the mind of God, His vision, His strength, His perseverance, His wisdom, His sagacity!…

When you have “God’s head” you will always be lead to the right way, everything you do or plan will have the preeminence. Why? Because you are giving your mind to God.

Preeminence: (Thesaurus)

Chief, distinguished, excellent, major, number one, outstanding, paramount, principal, surpassing, etc…

These are the characteristics you will have if you exchange your mind by God’s one!…The Holy Spirit.

Obviously that you need to get involved with the things of God, not with the things of this world only.

Do you want to change yours?

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4 Responses to A Body without Head

  1. neisha hemmings says:

    hi pastor,thank you for inviting me to have access to your blog,I must say apart from attending church this is a great way to stay connected and have ur mind focus on the ways of God and the holy spirit and also to meditate on the word of God. Bless

  2. Tamika says:

    Pr. Elijah,

    This Blog post is so true, People who in short don’t put the Lord Jesus in the first place in their lives, have nobody guiding them. It can even be the case that a person attends the church, but yet Jesus is not first in their lives. Many people even complain and blame God when a decision they took (By their emotions) goes wrong. Jesus must be first in our lives, and the rest will be added on. This message has Blessed my life.

    • Pr.Elijah says:

      Hi Tamika, thanks for your comment. I do believe that if people have God’s direction, trough the Holy Spirit they will be guided to the right path, and not allowing their emotions to prevail. Please share this blog with your friends. (You know many people!..LOL)

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