Feelings or Mind?

I was speaking with someone who was saying that doesn’t feel to come to church because the appeal of the world is very strong.  Indeed the “World” sparks in order to attract people and specially the youths to live a “easy” life, without any commitment with God.

Well I said that the solution is to use the mind, the intellect. In what way?

Let’s use the example of a Diet.

Usually we don’t like to make diet, because our flesh craves to eat whatever we want and like without any kind of impediment. However if we think about the harm that we are doing to our health by eating without order, we have to start thinking in make a diet to control our impulses and our eyes!…

So diet allied with exercise is the best antidote to the extra weight, and obviously good nutrition and overall health.

We must be convenient that usually people hate to make exercise and diet, but that is something necessary to the good balance of our body. If we follow what we feel, by eating without order than we will become obese with all the sickness inherent to obesity.

In a nutshell: Do not follow your feelings or emotions rather use your intelligent and do what needs to be done!..

“A diet is the penalty we pay for exceeding the feed limit.”  Author Unknown

Are you exceeding your limits?  Go on a diet, by using your mind.

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One Response to Feelings or Mind?

  1. Tamika says:

    Pastor Elijah

    Its so true, people nowadays are so deceived by the colours of the world, the worlds appeals to them, as if it has something good to offer them, well in fact the world only offers pleasures that don`t last, fake happiness. Fake marriages, Fake girls, but in fact if a person uses their mind they will understand that the world only cares about itself. The diet is a good example, as it forces a person to use their mind instead of what they feel to do (Eat)

    Many thanks for your post Pr. And I believe it will help many take a decisions, as the right Spirit nowadays is to use mind, instead of Flesh!!!!!

    Tamika Hancock

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