Mind Power

We are a product of our mind. We see people with different clothes, behavior, attitudes and life style. Some are bold and courageous others shy and fearful!… Some believe in themselves others lack self-esteem. Some successful other’s a failure!..

The conditions and circumstances of your life are as a result of your collective thoughts and beliefs.Every aspect of our lives, from the state of  finances to the state of your health and relationships, is accurately revealing our thoughts and your beliefs.

Many place their strength in their physical and intellectual abilities and still aren’t able to enjoy life in it’s fulness. Why?

Usually people follow the thoughts that this “World” instills,trough religiousness, traditions, fashion and above all our cravings and desires, or own will becomes the “brain”, the command center of overall life.

Now if I strive to have God’s mind and to be guided by Him, how can my life be unfulfilled? How can I be void and unhappy? How can I not be successful?

Negativity, doubts, fear, complexes, traumas, lack of self-steem, narrow vision, laziness, complacency, etc…are all characteristics of an unhealthy mind!..And obviously that will bring it’s negative fruits.

Negative thoughts are harming people’s life and we must be able to rebuke it.  For instance, if you think to yourself “I’m not good enough, I will never succeed”, than you are really doomed!..

In a nutshell, your life is the perfect mirror of your thoughts, beliefs and dominant mental attitude. Whether you realise it or not you are already a fruit of your mind!..  To gain access to the greatest creative power at your disposal, you must learn to control the nature of your habitual thoughts and to align yourself with the One Source of All Power which is God’s Thoughts.

Your thoughts create your reality – know, internalize and apply this Truth and you will see your life transform in miraculous ways.

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

Jeremiah 29:11

New King James Version (NKJV)

Next post I will give tips how to: Neutralize the power of a negative thought.

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4 Responses to Mind Power

  1. Tamika says:

    Pr. Elijah

    This is so true, our mind thoughts are so powerful, before someone does something, they must first plan it out first. but if our minds are full of negative thing`s, how can our actions be positive – no way. I believe everything starts off in the mind, and if we have a mind of Christ, then surely are actions will be based around goodness, profitable results.


  2. Neide (Brixton- UK) says:

    The world has so much to offer but yet nothing seems to fill the empty void inside our lives. However, the Holy Spirit offers us one thing and this one thing fills the empty void and much more, His Spirit. If this is the case then why do many people still live without His Spirit? Because of their mind, their mind is contaminated with the things of the world hence why things of God cannot enter.

    • Pr.Elijah says:

      HI Neide, thanks for your comment. I believe that many don’t just know about it!…Remember what says in the Scripture?” (…) this world cannot receive it, because doesn’t know Him.”
      Please share the Blog with your friends. God Bless you.

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