The Epicenter

The earthquake has an epicenter and causes seismic waves by propagate spherically out it. Life works in my opinion in the same way- Cause /effect.

Specially in terms of  relationships. Let me explain why.

Many want others to change towards them, wives concerning the husbands, parents to children, etc…however majority do not understand that this change passes by themselves.  Here are 7  tips to apply in your life to change a relationship.

  • Start looking to yourself, rather to the other person – This is often the biggest mistake that people commit in relationships. Ask yourself “What is in my power to improve my relationship, marriage, etc…? Don’t focus in what you have done, how many times you have done it, or anything else. In a relationship there is always two parts to be taken to account, and surely many are the things YOU can do to make it better.
  • Listen to the other party – One thing that many people complain is exactly the lack of understanding the other person. You must be sensitive to the complains and needs of the other. There is a saying “Where there is smoke there is fire”.
  • Have good eyes-Take a decision not to be judgmental, and strive to always take the good side of the person. Everyone has mistakes and everyone has virtues. One men of wisdom told me once “ I always learn with everyone the good they have, the bad I just throw it away”. Wise advice, don’t you think so?
  • Watch your tongue – The words have power either to uplift or to destroy. Beware that one word can cause misinterpretation and led the other person to be emotional about it. Our words have to be like salt to season, in the right time and in the right measure!…Sometimes the right word makes miracles in the most difficult circumstances. Let it be of encouragement, strength, reassurance, trust, etc…
  • Do something to please the other – Selfishness is a bullet in a relationship. Gain interest by things that  your partner, husband, wife, children, like the most!…Spent quality time with them. Perhaps sitting in the sofa and enjoy a movie together, watching the favorite show, a sport, hobby, etc…Remember is by giving that you receive. The other will feel that he has to give back because of your attitude.
  • Get rid of Routine – The relationship killer. Try to do something new.Boredom many times get’s in the relationships so go out with that person to different places, change your looks, etc..Keep up the passion, love and  romance and promote changes in creative ways.
  • Prayer – There are things that you just can’t change, but if you trust in God, He will do what you can’t. How many times we feel powerless regarding some issues. You spoke and  tried countless times, but still there was no positive change. There is were faith get’s in!.. Use it, and you will see God’s hands working in a miraculous way.
Remember it’s down to the epicenter ( YOU) to create the waves of change in your relationship. It’s the Cause / Effect.
Want to add something to the list?
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7 Responses to The Epicenter

  1. Luisa,oxford says:

    Boa noite,Pastor mais um post muito forte!!!pelo menos 2 coisas,muito importantes,ter bons olhos e controlar a lingua,por isso este evento e muito forte,o diabo esta-se a levantar para cair,muito forte mesmo!!!Ah que Dias!!!Obrigado,e que Deus lhe abencoe e ilumine onde quer que esteja.

  2. Clora Locker says:

    Great information, many thanks to the author. It is incomprehensible to me these days, but in general, the usefulness and also significance is overwhelming. Thanks again and also excellent luck!

    • Pr.Elijah says:

      Der Clora Locker,

      Thanks for your comment.
      Hope you can keep being inspired. You should consider subscribe the blog to get updated on new posts.

  3. Definitely, what a magnificent site and revealing posts, I will bookmark your site.Best Regards!

  4. I appreciate all the work you all have put into your site! I’m going to Tweet this out to my followers… Definitely worth repeating!

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