Learning with the Bamboo

Amazing inspirational Video.

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4 Responses to Learning with the Bamboo

  1. Ruth Najeme. says:

    The christian journey is a very long and tedious one. All it takes to accomplish this journey to a successful end is perseverance; by holding on to your faith and trust in God without fear, doubt, anxiety, tiredness or complacency. As it takes the bamboo five years to shoot out from the soil and start growing after having received water right into its root in order to enable it grow, like wise perseverance is what waters once faith. In the scripture the Lord Jesus says,” only those who will endure to the end will be saved.” As a christian, one has to endure all the the trials, persecution,tribulations etc by holding on to his or her faith,through perseverance.
    Your illustration of the bamboo lesson brings out a good picture on what perseverance is all about;since the bamboo grows to higher heights,it is able to beat all the odds.So too, should be the faith of a true christian.
    Thanks very much Pastor.

  2. its good as your other content : D, thankyou for posting .

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