Taking Off The Mask

One of the main problems of human beings is HYPOCRISY. Let me explain why.

Usually when people go trough problems and adversities, it’s not easy to seek for help and expose your situation. But isn’t that what people should do, when they can’t manage their problem or the situation? To ask for help? 

Rather people stick to their own principles, and don’t want to expose their weaknesses. In my opinion that’s exactly what hypocrisy is… to pretend something that the person is not, to say something and to do something completely different. One never knows what to expect from such a person. The outwardly, the appearance,  is always more important.

We see that in the work place, relationships, health wise and more evident concerning the inner person. Depressed, addicted, unemployed,holding grudge, hatred, bitterness, sick, traumas of the past,unhappy in love life, etc.. HOWEVER SAYING: EVERYTHING IS OK!…

It’s better to take the mask off!… and be what you are!… That’s the only way to start changing your life. 

Here some tips to get rid of Hypocrisy:

  • Do not be afraid what others may thing of you, that’s not relevant.
  • Always seek help if you can’t manage yourself.
  • Think of the consequences of pretending.
  • One day you will not be able to hide it anymore, it will be brought to light.
“Then Moses said to God, “If I come to the people of Israel and say to them, “The God of your fathers has sent me to you, ‘ and they ask me, ‘What is his name? ‘ what shall I say to them?” God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM.”

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7 Responses to Taking Off The Mask

  1. Luisa,oxford says:

    Boanoite,Pastor quanto a este post; (Hipocrisia)muito forte mesmo,JESUS adverte varias vezes,sobre hipocrisia,ninguem consegue esconder detras duma capa por muito tempo,chega um certo tempo ela cai.Alias eu antes de conhecer a Jesus,ja tentei ser aquilo que eu nao era,muitasvezes eu nao queria ser assim,mas algo forte dentro de mim,manipulava-me,mas gracas a DEUS,ELE esta-me a moldar,sou um vaso nas maos DELE.Obrigado,Pastor pela inspiracao,Deus abencoe.

  2. Carlos Vasconcelos says:

    Pastor, many people make of this life as a theatre, always playing and decive other people. I have to admit that most os hipocrit people can do this for long time an very well. But one day it will be descovered and He or She will feel shamed with themselfs.The Worst is even in the church they will lose the salvation because of lack sincerity before GOD and people.

  3. I really like your writing style, excellent information, regards for putting up : D.

  4. so much superb info on here, : D.

    • Pr.Elijah says:

      Dear Wendell,

      Thanks for your comment.
      Hope you can keep being inspired. You should consider subscribe the blog to get updated on new posts.

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