Rotten Orange – Beware!…

All of us in a certain moment of our lives, came face to face with the experience of the rotten orange, isn’t? You bought some oranges, and later on when you went to pick up one to eat it, you realized that it was rotten!… What you did? Probably you took it off and cast it in the bin. 

But there is a big lesson we can learn with this all experience. One rotten orange can contaminate the whole lot!… Usually if you found one rotten orange, probably you realized that there was more than one, for that one had a point of contact with another orange!…and the fungus was spread out.

Now, as I was meditating in these experience, it came to my mind the peril of relationships. If it’s true that good relationships brings goodness in one’s life, the opposite it’s obvious!…That’s why you have to be very careful with the people you listen to, you hang around with, from whom you are “Drinking”, the book you are reading, etc.. We are extremely influenced by people, no wonder why you see someone who was in a good path, balanced in life and all of a sudden became rotten!.. Depressed, addicted, negative, fearful, doubtful, complexed, etc…

There are some conducts, words, places and things that if we submit ourselves to it, we will be “Poisoned”, BEWARE!.

Here are some tips on how to recognize a “rotten orange”.

  • Is this conversation edifying me in something?
  • Am I being put down by this words?
  • Is this conduct bringing me low self-esteem?
  • Am I with evil eyes towards someone?
  • Am I being judgmental?
  • Is this person or group of people adding to my life in a general way?

Interesting fact is that twenty good oranges, cannot make a rotten one good, but a rotten one can spoil the all twenty.


I’m sure you can add to the list.

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2 Responses to Rotten Orange – Beware!…

  1. Briony Bangura says:

    I believe that when we tell God we want to be close to Him, He warns us of the “rotten oranges” we may be in contact with, it’s up to us to cut them off or not. In fact while reading this blog a certain group of people come to mind, I have decided not to be contaminated so I know what I have to do!

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