Bypass the Impossibles

Everything in life follows a natural law and there are things that are just the natural course of life. Amidst of this natural course of life and nature we come face to face with many setbacks, barriers, obstacles and sometimes even tragedies.  Now, we have two options:

  1. Accept what is considered the “Normal” and say: “It’s Life!..”
  2. Reject this so called “Natural Law” and BYPASS IT.

Bear with me, and I will explain it better.

If one follows number 1, meaning, accepting things as they are, the tendency is to enter in a comfort zone, resignation and complacency, towards your goals and objectives in life. Why? Because that’s how life is many times, UNFAIR!…There will always be negative things trying to knock our door in Finances, Love Life, Relationships, Health wise, Career, Family matters, Traumas, Fear, Anxiety, Doubts, etc…

Obviously that your expectations it will always be restricted to the normal course of things. Eg. The doctor said there is no cure, the solicitor gave me bad news, I haven’t got the means, There’s no way out, it’s the writhing on the wall,etc..

Now, if you follow number 2, you must use one tool to Bypass that “Natural Law” which is called FAITH.Not just saying I have faith, rather using your faith and determine the impossible in your life.How? Through the word of faith, not based in what you see or feel, or any other negative circumstance!…

We see Joshua used the word and the Sun stood still, Elijah determined and fire came down from heavens, Peter walked upon the waters, Jesus Cursed the Fig tree and it dried,  Jesus said to Jairus’s daughter that was dead: Tálita Cumi, meaning rise, etc..

You can as well BYPASS your “Natural Laws” of life, sickness, negative cycles, “Impossibles” and your “Writings on the Wall”!..

Start doing in now by saying No to this negative situation and fight back with all your strength.

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4 Responses to Bypass the Impossibles

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