To Do or to Be?

In life, we were marked by people, either by what they did or what they were to us!…As far as we can remember, there are people that had a good impact in our lives by their deeds towards us, however, we will never forget those that marked us by their example of character, patience, friendship, humbleness, honesty, kindness and sincerity.

We have therefore the prerogative of marking someone with our behavior. We can see that in marriage, relationship between family members, with co-workers, in school or university, in our daily lives!… Many are the those who say: I have had very good parents because they always provided for me and I never lacked anything BUT…. I lacked love, interest by my hobbies, companionship, patience, quality time, etc..

 I’m sure you can start marking someone by what you are, not only by what you do.

Food for thought:

Proverbs 22:1

(God’s Word Translation)
“A good name is more desirable than great wealth.Respect is better than silver or gold.”

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One Response to To Do or to Be?

  1. Luisa,oxford says:

    Bom dia pastor,esta mensagem so vem a confirmar o que ha dias ha Ana usada pelo Espirito Santo me disse,ela perguntou-me vale mais fazer ou ser?E logo o exemplo do que fez a Abraao,Elias,e muitos mais etc realmente vale mais ser,claro que temos que fazer mas o importante e ser,ter o caracter de DEUS,e eu tenho orado mesmo por isso,Aleluia,obrigado e que Deus o abencoe.

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