The Well and the Fountain

There are two ways one can get water…from a well or from a fountain. Let me explain the difference between the two of them and what lesson we can draw from it!…

The water that comes from the well, because it’s still get’s easily contaminated, so filtration is needed of Bio-contaminants, inorganics, organics, dangerous MTBE found virtually in all aquifers.  Filtration removes sulphur and it’s rotten egg odors, iron, hardness, lime and scale; addresses bacteria, viruses, dangerous cysts,  and completely softens and conditions all of the water. Usually this water  is used to other usage than domestic drinking, like watering fields and crops.

The water that comes from a proper fountain is always in movement, therefore it renews itself. Dissolved Oxygen is a major contributor to water quality. It’s drinkable, because has quality.

Now let’s make a parallel spiritually wise:

Give a glance to the following:

Jeremiah 2:13

New Century Version (NCV)

 “My people have done two evils: 
They have turned away from me, 
 the spring of living water. 
And they have dug their own wells, 
which are broken wells that cannot hold water.”
  1. Those that one day were “Drinking” from God and stopped.
  2. Those that “Drink” from their own “Well”
Let’s break it down:
The first example, is regarding those that once were active in the faith…and somehow, left the communion with God. In the same way that the water in movement brings life and quality to the water, the same happens when one exercises his faith!…Not just to say I have it!..
The Second example, is regarding those that decided to trust in their own capabilities, skills, intelligence and resources. The truth is, that sooner or later there will be situations, problems and adversities whereby that “Water” will no longer be of help!…
In a nutshell:
Those who “Drink” from God, the true fountain, are healthy in every aspect of life and above all inwardly.
Those who “Drink ” from their own wells, are bound to get some “Bacteria”.
What kind of water are you drinking?


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3 Responses to The Well and the Fountain

  1. Luisa,oxford says:

    Boa tarde,nao ha melhor que beber da Agua da Vida,agora mesmo veio na minha mente esse versiculo,da samaritana joao;4,14,essa e a minha Fonte de Agua VIVA.

  2. Ruth Najeme. says:

    Dear Pastor,
    Your inspirational messages are bound to wake up anyone who is playing God in any way what so ever.The water from the well is contaminated because it does not go through any purification,where as the water from the fountain does.If both are mixed together, the person who drinks of it would be infected,because the impurities of the well would contaminate the other; and the person would end up dissatisfied spiritually,as the thirst would not be quenched.The fountain water which is the living water, quenches the thirst and if one drinks of it sincerely and wholeheartedly he or she will not thirst again,so long as the living water is being yearned for, by the individual continuously.Such person would strive to remain in the faith and maintain his or her communion with God. The word of God says,”Those who follow God and walk in his footsteps are the happiest people on earth.”

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