Man Fuel Gauge Empty

When you look up to this picture what comes to your mind? A car without fuel. The person may have the best car, however it will only move powered by fuel. Up to here, there’s nothing that you didn’t know already. Let me dare to make a parallel, between a car, that will represent our lives and the fuel that moves it.

Our live is always in movement like a car, from point A to point B. Why is that many people’s lives, all of a sudden stop?..Get stuck, unfruitful and stagnant?  Exactly the lack of fuel!..But what fuel am I speaking?

Let me present “God’s Fuel”- The Holy Spirit!…

  • It’s the Holy Spirit that makes you move in the right direction, it makes your “Engine” to work properly, meaning, your intellect above emotions.
  • It’s this “Fuel” that keeps you on going upon adversities, barriers and setbacks.
  • This “Fuel” empowers you against doubts, fears, complexes, anxiety and negativity.
  • This “Fuel” makes you overcome your desires, cravings and temptations.
  • This “Fuel” enables one to overcome sin.
  • This “Fuel” makes you a heavenly being, a child of God.

Are you stuck? Unfruitful? Stagnant?

Beware!….You have a car…..without Fuel!…

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2 Responses to Man Fuel Gauge Empty

  1. Luisa,oxford says:

    Boa tarde,Pastor muito boa inspiracao,porque o carro sem gasolina nao anda!E por isso que e muito importante,o ESPIRITO SANTO;porque ELE nos da direccao,o que fazer e como fazer e ajuda-nos nas nossas fraquezas,tentacoes,e o melhor como falou hoje ELE sera meu PAI eu serei sua filha e com todos direitos,forte!!!!!

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