I used to make rock climbing some years ago (16 years passed), so I can tell you a bit of it. Everything is about coordination, balance, strength and precision where your legs and feet are your most important instrument for upward motion. It’s about concentration and overcoming your fears for the void. 

One, quickly learns how to use the tiny parts of the rock, that can be used by 4, 3, 2 or even one finger. The same applies to the feet.

Up there, you don’t count on much…just tiny parts of the rock….and off course, the more you progress the more difficulty becomes.

See below picture!

It’s almost nothing that he get’s there to “Graft” in to that rock and climb!…In live, that’s exactly what we need to progress….A tiny thing,opportunity or chance and place ALL OUR STRENGTH ON IT!…

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4 Responses to All YOU NEED IS THAT TINY BIT

  1. Rui Bacala says:

    Yes we used to climb up toguether, and don´t forguet that sometimes you would fall, but there is always someone to secure you… today this One that will always be there for you is our Lord.
    I love you brother…

    • Pr.Elijah says:

      Dear Brother,

      It’s so true.You just inspired me.I will make a post about it, because climbing is a partnership. Up on the rock, is down to you to move upwards, however allways linked with your security men!..In case you fall, you just have to rely on him. By the way I fell many times, and you were there for me!..Thanks Bro!…

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  3. Ruth Najeme. says:

    Dear Pastor,
    Climbing is very difficult and it could only take courageous people to climb rocks, steep hills and mountains. Even when one thinks of climbing the stairs of a third or fifth floor building without a lift, the person would hesitate, but on the long run who ever the person wants to see on that floor, the person would endeavor to climb the stairs anyway.Spiritually and physically speaking life is all about risks and sacrifices.
    In the spiritual realm of life,one who takes the risks and sacrifices has a protector in the person of the almighty God,who also rewards.All it takes is that tiny bit of faith,courage,boldness and perseverance.
    In Faith.
    God bless.

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