Taking the Bull by the Horns

A “forcado”  is a member of the team that performs the “face catch” of the bull, the final event in a typical Portuguese bullfight. Forcados were usually people from lower classes who, to this day, practice their art through amateur associations.
The “face catch” involves eight “forcados” who challenge the bull with their bare hands. They form a line facing the bull and the caras (front man) eggs the bull on, by “playing” with it and taking steps forward if necessary to get it to charge. Once the bull runs forward the first “forcado” times his jump onto the bull’s head. Once on the bull’s head and holding onto it, usually around its neck, six forcados jump upon the bull in the same fashion as the first “forcado”, piling upon themselves and grabbing the bull while one” forcado” grabs the bull by its tail. The objective is to subdue the bull. The “forcado” who grabbed the bull by the tail (rabejador) is the last one to release the bull after it is subdued. Bull’s horns are covered with a protection of leather to prevent it from injuring “forcados”.
Now that’s exactly what we must do to subdue the spiritual beast-The devil and his hosts. The british expression “Take the bull by the horns”, means to dare, to be courageous, take action, role up the sleeves, be bold, strong, to challenge, to defy and move forward.
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2 Responses to Taking the Bull by the Horns

  1. Luisa,oxford says:

    Boa tarde,muito forte porque nos temos que ser como os forcados,corajosos,fortes revoltados e estar prontos para o desafio,ai sim partimos para cima do touro(capeta) vamos nessa revolta.Deus abencoe.Dia 18 REVOLTA.

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