Whom Have You Crowned?

In this word there are many “Kings”. I’m not referring to the earthly ones. The figure of a King means authority, power and ruling over, commanding. Now, in a Kingdom there are the servants, subjects or followers. The one that has the crown is the one I must serve, isn’t it?

Perhaps you have crowned a “king” that is ruling over your life!…

  • Addiction of alcohol, cigarette, pornography, weed, crack, cocaine, etc…
  • Religiousness
  • Pride
  • Past traumas
  • Hatred
  • Greed
  • Hobby
  • Lies
  • Own will, desires and cravings
  • Sin
The question that we should ask ourselves is? Whom have I crowned? Who has the authority to command my life? Whether one like’s it or not, there is something or someone ruling over your life!…
I have chosen to crowned God as my King… to serve him with loyalty, faithfulness, obedience, sacrifice and wholeheartedly trust on his guidance over my life.
When this happens one becomes a true child of God!..

Psalms 2:6-7

Yet I have set My King
On My holy hill of Zion.”

“I will declare the decree:
The Lord has said to Me,
You are My Son,
Today I have begotten You.

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2 Responses to Whom Have You Crowned?

  1. Ruth Najeme says:

    Quite agreeable Pastor; In life people crown different things as their King, but it all depends on what the out-come would be in those things or habits.
    The fact is, the one and only person,the maker of heaven and earth, the almighty God, is the only one whom any body who values his or her life, will crown as a King. I know for sure that without him,nothing would have being that seem to be.
    In acknowledging and crowning him as my King entails a whole lot of principles,regulations, commitments, discipline etc..I bless the day that I crowned the Almighty God as my King for I am striving to stick to all what it entails to be and remain his child, every day of my life. It is worth the pain to live a sacrificial life for my King, by keeping his commandments,obeying him,living in fear and in love of him, walking according to his statues,holding on to my salvation,and remaining an instrument in his hands. All it takes is endurance,which comes through faith in him. For one to crown him as a King,would only be possible when the holy spirit is diligently sought and it dawns in that person.
    Thank you pastor.
    In faith,

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