God’s Mark

Livestock branding is a technique for marking livestock so as to identify the owner. “branding iron” consisted of an iron rod with a simple symbol or mark, which cowboys heated in a fire. After the branding iron turned red hot, the cowboy pressed the branding iron against the hide of the cow.

There was a unique mark, that would then identify it’s owner.

Nowadays there is a mark seared with spiritual fire, that identifies those who belong to God!..

It’s God’s Mark, the HOLY SPIRIT!…

The Holy Spirit has God’s DNA, God’s characteristics, His way of thinking, acting and seeing things as God sees.

There’s a deceit spirit that makes people to think that all are God’s children!…IT’S NOT TRUE!…Because one goes to church, says I believe, reads the bible or gives his tithe and offerings, that doesn’t make a person to be of God!..

We become God’s particular property only when the Holy Spirit is in us!..

Please meditate on the following verse, but I have to warn you!…IT’S A BIT HARSH AND STRONG!…A EYE OPENER IN MY OPINION!…

Romans 8:9

 “But you are not in the flesh but in the Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you. Now if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he is not His.

Have you been “Branded” by God? Have you got an owner?

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One Response to God’s Mark

  1. Ruth Najeme says:

    This is quite correct Pr Elijah.If anyone says ,that he or she is a christian, believes in God, goes to church, knows the bible to his or her finger tip; but he or she is not filled with the Holy Spirit,that person is empty. The above verse of Rm 8:9, clearly identifies who belongs to God.The bible says that,”He who is born of God over comes the World.” One can only over come the world if the Spirit of God is in him or her. If this is not the case,one becomes susceptible to the things that this World offers.The person is easily emotionally influenced.Thus being a christian, going to church, paying offerings,tithing, believing in God,without seeking and having the Holy Spirit the person will only be living by emotion instead of living by faith.
    Ride on Pastor.
    God Bless.

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