Be Done!…


It’s simple maths.

Before you do it you have to be.

As for me it’s a simple matter of focusing on how I am, rather on what I do, especially at the eyes of God. Religiousness makes people to do things, without being. Religious people go to church, however keep holding grudges, malice, hatred, smoking, swearing, living in fornication, adultery, sexual promiscuity, etc…the list is endless.

What I do is a strict consequence of what I am.

If I am a bitter person, lacking patience, malicious, unforgiving, stubborn, stiff-necked and proud, lazy, given to emotions, pleasing my cravings and desires, etc… How things will go for me?

Certainly, I will have problems in my family, marriage or relationships, job and overall life. It’s very easy to understand that majority of our problems starts inside. If by one side that’s true, by the other side of the coin, that’s exactly where our problems start to change.

How? You may ask?

When you focus in BEING!

*Be Faithful

*Be Obedient

*Be Pure

*Be Wise

*Be Honest

*Be Patient

*Be Gentle

*Be Kind

*Be Lovely

Mathew 6:10

“Your kingdom come. Your will be done On earth as it is in heaven.”

Do not take me wrong!..We have to do….but to be, comes first.

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One Response to Be Done!…

  1. Ruth Najeme says:

    This is very true Pr Elijah. We have to do, no doubts; but what would it profit anyone when his or her character portrays what he or she isn’t? To be whom one is from inside/out is exactly how one should be or else, having a dual personality is a false way of living and that wouldn’t profit anyone because no one would want to believe in him or her, as such even in his or her own family, friends, relations, etc and above all, his or her communion with God is irrelevant.
    In Faith.
    Stay Blessed.

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