Spiritual Hacker

In the media the word “hacker” is often used, for what I would call a “cracker”, someone that breaks into systems to damage it, or for the purpose of getting illegitimate access to resources.
 There are also people who (like the average users) learn some tricks and use this tricks to create virusses, break into system and such. I would call these people crackers, because they do not seek knowledge for the knowledge itself, but to show off that they can break into a certain system or create a nasty virus.

Now, if this is true in terms of the computer world, systems and security, we can apply the same principle in the spiritual life.

Let me present you the “Spiritual Hacker”.

The “Modus Operandi” is the same, the same tactics, but in a spiritual content.

  • Wants to corrupt our “system”, with sin!…
  • Wants to break our communion with God.
  • Get’s access by the emotions and feelings.
  • Steal our faith.
  • Instill “Spiritual Viruses”, such as doubt and fear.

I’m speaking about the devil.

Now as people get protection with  routers, firewalls, anti-virus software, the same we have to do concerning our Spiritual life. If you want to know how, go to a post named “Faith-ty Breach”.


Have you been hacked?

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2 Responses to Spiritual Hacker

  1. Ruth Najeme says:

    Dear Pr Elijah,
    Thanks very much for your illustration concerning the hacker. Our salvation is very fragile; so the hacker looks for various ways to destroy it, just like the few examples that you have given. In order for one to impede and shame the hacker,one only needs to stand firm and hold on to his or her faith no matter what ever tricks the hacker brings to ruin his or her faith.
    In Faith,
    God bless.

  2. Briony Bangura says:

    It’s very true pastor, we need to protect our faith like we protect our pcs and laptops and more.There are people who have nothing better to do than create virus, and this is similar to the devil, his only purpose is to destroy our faith. We need to renew and constantly make sure we are protected.

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