Path to Prosperity part III

When you look up to the picture , what do you get from it? ( Think for  bit…).Exactly, money makes more money!.. That’s the basics of prosperity, we call it Multiplication.

You may ask? How can I multiply? The answer is simple!…You got to invest it.

People struggle with money because they don’t understand about it or they are afraid of doing it. I’m speaking about Investing.

That’s the 3 point:

  • Investment

Usually people they do 2 things with money: Either they spend it or they save it. That’s what majority of people do with money. Few are those that invest, that’s why rich people become more rich…they invest, and keep on investing. One may say: “I can’t invest because I have few!”…That’s exactly why you should start to invest…to get more out of it. Do you have 1? With it you can make 2…with 2 you can make 4…and you keep on going…
Investing is about developing your skills, abilities and talents. All of us without exception were born with something that we are good at. The best way of investing is to make business. Having an average job, wont make you come out of the flat line of life, isn’t it? Unless is a very well payed Job.
I came across with a good video, have a glance. There’s lot’s of stuff out there, you just have to research.
Be attentive for next posts related to finances and Success.
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3 Responses to Path to Prosperity part III

  1. bhupendra patel says:

    nice post pastor keep ’em coming…

    • Pr.Elijah says:

      Hi Bhupendra,

      Thanks for your comment. Hope you can keep on being inspired. Does the posts on this blogs have helped you any how?
      I know that you have a great desire to get to know more about God, so you know what to do and where to go.
      God Bless you.

  2. bhupendra patel says:

    They surely do..Part 5 has been my major road block ‘Focus’ thats what i need..there are certain things in life you know they are the things you need to do but some times you just dont pay attention to them. I am one of those unfortunates who need reminding all the time. That’s where guys like you come in.

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