Path to Prosperity Part IV

The next step towards prosperity Is to “Map your Success” trough  plan of action. It will work as a GPS and will give you step-by-step directions and keep you on track.

All of us want to get from A to Z. However in order to get there you have to go step by step. Is the famous “Leader System”.  I will help you how to give those little steps one at a time!..

  • Plan of action
  • Map out a plan to accomplish your goals, with clear, concrete directions, Eg. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc..
  • Establish short and long term Goals.
  • Break down each steps, by making an evaluation on what to do, in order to accomplish it.
  • Write down that map. It will help you to keep on track, and to develop it.
  • Brainstorm ideas on how to get there.
  • Navigate through road blocks and forks in the road.
  • Ask the question How? Try to answer it. If you can’t, seek for a solution.
  • Take daily steps and place all your strength to fulfill the 1st step, then move to the following one.
Last but not least, ask God for guidance and to lead your way.
Isaiah 28:29
“This also comes from the LORD of hosts, Who is wonderful in counsel and excellent in guidance.”
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