Where there is a will there is away!…One of the greatest sickness of this century is called: EXCUSITIS, meaning excuses, after excuses!…

Have your say over the picture.



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3 Responses to Excuse?

  1. sydney says:

    when i see this picture,,,several things comes to mind…..1. determination, 2.the sky is unlimited and only we can limit ourselves. 3.life is a journey make every second count and lastly, failure exists to those who dare not to try.

    Luton Branch

  2. Ruth Najeme says:

    The above picture portrays a spirit of boldness, courage, will-power, determination, adventurous, and above all, faith. Where faith is concerned, there are no limits, no excusitis, no complexes, no barriers, etc.Thus once these are fully imbedded in ones life, the person assumes in him or herself the habit of saying that,”NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES, NOTHING NOR NO ONE CAN STOP ME FROM ACHIEVING MY DREAM OR GOAL IN LIFE.”
    In Faith,
    God Bless.

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