Knife in the Heart

When you first saw this image, maybe came to your mind something like being broken-hearted or something similar. This must be one of the logos that you should follow in your life!..In what way you may ask?

Bear with me!…

Most people follow their hearts, meaning their emotions and feelings, leaving aside the direction of the mind.

Usually those that follow the heart say:

  • That’s to hard…
  • I feel that…..
  • What if?…
  • Maybe isn’t going to work!…
  • I’m not too sure…

When the heart speaks louder that the voice of your intellect than you are in trouble…Your feelings, emotions, desires and cravings will end up blinding you and overpowering the voice of the mind.

Do you want a tip?

Knife in the heart!…

Kill your feelings, otherwise “they” will “kill” you!…

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4 Responses to Knife in the Heart

  1. Shanna Brown says:

    Its straight to the point pastor. Our mind over our heart is the way forward. Thank you for the post

    • Pr.Elijah says:

      Hi Shanna! Thanks for your comment. That’s exacly what happens, a fight everyday between our mind and heart.
      Those that suceed are the ones that allow the mind to prevail, the reason above their feelings.
      Keep in the faith. How’s Brixton? Please share this with your friends in facebbok, etc..
      God Bless you.

  2. Beatrice emiku says:

    Very strong pastor, the heart is very deceptive and this can only lead to destruction. I have learnt from this message. Thank you

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