Christian Moon Vs Christian Sun

There are two types of believers. The christian Moon and the christian Sun. 

As you know the main characteristic of the Moon is that reflects the light from the Sun, hasn’t got her own light!…Now, that’s exactly how many  Christians are nowadays!..They depend on others to be inspired, to receive a word of encouragement, guidance, direction, etc…

The Christian Moon, comes to the church, but is always in need of a word, is very emotional and sensitive!…Lacks the guidance and is just like a baby, needs constant care!…

The shape of the moon changes as you can see in the picture.

The same happens with this type of Christian!..He changes depending on the circumstances, with whom he is, the mood swings, one day he trusts God, another he doubts, etc…

Now, the Christian Sun has his own light, in the same way the Sun has his one light!…This type of Christian depends on God, has guidance and doesn’t change according the circumstances. The sun always has the same shape!…Sometimes we just can’t see it because of the clouds, but he is there!…

This type of person, believes no matter what, sees the invisible and trusts God. Obviously that there is a clear difference, between this two people. If I ask you, certainly you would say: “I want to be the Christian Sun”.

But what makes one to be the Christian Sun?

The new birth!..One must be born of God!…

One becomes like a ray of the sun, wherever you go, whatever you do, there will be light!…

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4 Responses to Christian Moon Vs Christian Sun

  1. Michelle Fordah says:

    Pastor this is so strong especially the part about the moon always changing, and that this is the same way a baby Christian is; always needing support.

  2. Jestina says:

    Sometimes it’s not even the newcomers who are the christian moon, the problem is with the old prophets who know it all. May God help us to be born of Him.

  3. Nancy says:

    Thank you Pastor for sharing this message.
    It gives a good picture of how someone of God should be. I will definitely keep it in mind and use it to assess and analyse myself. (Have I been reflecting enough light? Have I seeked enough ‘sun’ or have I waited like a moon to take initiative for my spiritual growth?) Great comparison!

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