6 Hints to Receive the Holy Spirit

Many Christians today have been making hard for the  Holy Spirit to come inside them.

When something wrong happens, they hasten and say it’s the devil!..It’s seams as  if, it’s easy for the devil to gain access in to their lives and therefore they believe that the problem has a demonic root. It may be even the truth, however is the devil more eager to enter in a person’s live that God, trough the Holy Spirit?

Give a glance to the following Bible verse.(I placed to versions of the Bible so that you can understand clearly.)

James 4:5

New King James Version (NKJV)

Or do you think that the Scripture says in vain, “The Spirit who dwells in us yearns jealously”?

James 4:5

Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)

Do you think the Scriptures mean nothing? The Scriptures say, “The Spirit God made to live in us wants us only for himself.” 

The answer is straighter forward! NO!…God is certainly more eager to dwell in us.

Here are 6 hints to receive the baptism with the Holy Spirit.

  • Holiness – As it says, Holy… So one must strive to walk in holiness, sanctity. Apart of sin, meaning,living righteously before God and men.
  • Sincerity – Do not hide anything from God, about who you are inside, what you do, your cravings and desires. He knows it already.
  • Humbleness – Go to him with humble prayers, recognizing your mistakes, and wrongs. Recognize that you need Him, more than anything else.
  • Thirst – Show this thirst, by pouring out your heart, with your words of praise, worship and total dependance on Him.
  • Intention – Why do you want the Holy Spirit? What’s behind that desire.  position, title, Pr’s recognition?
  • Belief – Many try to feel something when seeking. Just believe, disregard feelings.
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3 Responses to 6 Hints to Receive the Holy Spirit

  1. Joana Rodrigues says:

    This 6 hints that you gave us to receive the Holy Spirit are so true! We need to REALIZE that they are God’s requirements, without them it’s impossible to receive His Spirit.
    Sometimes we are our worst enemy, because we know what we have to do but for some reason we don’t do it. God wants to dwell inside of us but to receive His Spirit we have to deny our self’s.This post demonstrates how to do that, by putting this 6 hints into practice it will show God how much He is desired and certainly He will honor the ones that truly and sincerely want Him trough the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
    This is very strong!

  2. Very strong is stands out for me Or to recevie the Holy Spirit. You must be sincre,denying yourself and etc.

  3. Tpaps777 says:

    How very true Hallelujah and Amen too that Pastor Elijah .

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