Back Seater or Driver?


Most of us have been conditioned to blame something outside of ourselves for the parts of our life we don’t like. We blame our parents, our bosses, our friends, the media, our coworkers, our clients, our spouse, the weather, the economy, our lack of money — anyone or anything we can pin the blame on. We never want to look at where the real problem is — ourselves.

But the real truth is that in majority of the cases ( There are some exceptions) there is only one person responsible for the quality of the life you live.

That person is you.

Majority of the times, is the lack of vision, comfort zone, laziness, complacency, fear, doubts and complexes that are the real hindrance to our success.

It’s like a back seater giving instructions to the driver. Whilst you aren’t grabbing the wheel, you have to go where the driver wants. On the back seat you don’t have full control. Many depend on others for everything, the employer, the government, institutions, etc…The issue is that many times the company you work for goes has to make cuts and you are made redundant!…The economy comes to a “Credit Crunch”, the benefit is removed, etc.. Your “Car” stopped  and you stopped with it!…

Mourning, complaining and crying over it, will not change the situation!… You gotta be the driver!….

When you make decisions, things change. Either you’re instigating the change or you’re waiting for things around you to change. Don’t wait. It’s much better to be in the driver’s seat, as long as you trust your abilities.

You have in your hands the power to produce!… God has made us to his image and likeness. God was a “Producer”. He created things out of nothing!…The same ability was given to men!…

Grab the wheel and be the driver.

Deuteronomy 15:10

(…) because for this thing the Lord your God will bless you in all your works and in all to which you put your hand.”

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4 Responses to Back Seater or Driver?

  1. Bhupendra Patel says:

    Nice one Pastor , i am going to post the link on my FaceBook..

  2. carla da a goncalvessilv says:

    So true Pastor and I totally agree with you …

    This is the opportunity that we have to make a clear difference in our life’s …We normally we use the common sentence oh “Oh I wish I could get a better job ,I wish I could had opportunity of better studies , wish I could change this my boring life!!

    And the reason that life doesn’t move forward and we don’t achieve our dreams and objectives its because its just a wish and wishes doesn’t came true if we don’t grab the opportunity of making our life in the way that you want to be !

    thank you Pastor …

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