Believer Unbeliever!…

The world: “I believe” is so commonly used nowadays, that lost the true meaning of it.

When someone says: “I believe in God”, I’m a bit skeptical until I see the fruits of true Christianity. Let me come across with my argument.

Are you a supporter of any football club? Perhaps you will say without hesitation: Yes!…I support Chesea, Man United, etc.. Ok…So if you really are a big fan and supporter of your team, when was the last time you have been in your stadium? Have you bought the season ticket ? Are you paying the membership Fee?

For the sake of the example: The Gunners (Arsenal) have the most expensive season ticket in British football costing £1,955, having a season ticket waiting list of 40.000 members, with almost every game sold out. That’s what we call supporting and being fan of a club!…

The true fan, wants to be indoors of the club, to feel the environment, to chant, to get all the emotion of being part of a huge crowd!…He lives and breathes it!…Even when his team is not performing well, either wins or loses.

So who are you? Maybe a sympathizer, you wear a t-shirt from the club, but have no link or does anything to support his club, apart of chatting about it. There’s no commitment at all.

With God is exactly the same!… Many say they are Christians, that believe in God, have a bible, however they live a life as the unbelievers do!… They don’t come to church, they lie, hold grudges, don’t pay the tithe and support with offerings, do not forgive, lives in promiscuity, fornication, adultery, do not evangelize, etc…Their pleasure is to please themselves and they have no commitment with God.

The true Christian has pleasure to come to church, to evangelize, to be involved in a group to help others, is faithful in his tithes and offerings, has a good character and lives to please God!…

The true christian believes when he is “married” with God!…Commitment, Holiness, faithfulness, obedience and sacrifice is the motto of his “Club”!…”Christianity!…

Who are you? Do you really Believe in God? When was the last time you came to church, apart of a funeral or wedding ceremony? Are you living in holiness?

Maybe you are a “believer” Unbeliever !…

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2 Responses to Believer Unbeliever!…

  1. Keni Sawer says:

    This basically sums up the past few days. I exceeded my tolerance levels in accepting my spiritual life the way it is, decided to be more obedient and i have had greater joy about the condition of my spiritual life as a result

  2. Michelle Fordah says:

    This is really strong! The example of supporting a football club is perfect to help me understand what it means to show you believe.

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