Think More, Feel Less

Think more1

There’s one thing that is common to all woman and that’s the reason why so many times we end up suffering. That mistake that women do many times is to use the heart to take decisions in life, instead of using the mind.

How many times we have  failed and took wrong decisions because we did not use our intelligence and decide to follow the voice of this big deceiver. We follow the emotions, the feelings and there we go… So many times moved by anger, anxiety, fear, doubts, insecurity… and when we realize we enter in a wrong path… We speak what we shouldn’t, in the wrong time, we take the wrong decision.

An easy thing that could be sort out easily, brings another problem.Some things happen in a wrong way,  just because we choose not to think but allowed our feelings to take control and let the heart to decide for us.

 This is another quality that we see in the young girl called Mary, our Lord Jesus mother. When called by God to be an instrument in His hands, she choose to be spiritual, to think and do not follow her emotions, let’s see some things she overcame:

–       What people could thing about her

–       What about her boyfriend, he could not believe that she was pregnant by the Holy Sprit

–       What could happen when people see that she was pregnant before marriage, she could be stoned to death

–       And what about the her fears, the doubts, the inexperience, the young age…..

How many things isn’t it?

Let’s learn with her. Thinking more and feeling less.

Of course in the theory it is easy, in real life it is harder, but if we are connected with God, we can do it!

Collaboration of Ana Bacala

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3 Responses to Think More, Feel Less

  1. Beatrice Emiku says:

    Dear Pastor and Mrs Ana,
    This message is timely and to the point. Think! Think!! Think!!! more and less feeling and emotions. Many of us women are guilty of not doing enough of this simple but productive act. This spoke to me.
    Thank you Mrs Ana X

  2. Virginia Chuna says:

    Very true Mrs Ana.
    It’s interesting how we (I) have heard this many times but it’s not just about hearing and saying ‘wow very strong’ but about thinking and being rational all the time. I pray to God that I may be more rational than emotional.
    Thank you Mrs Ana

  3. Gilliana Baptiste says:

    I used to use my emotions a lot to make decisions. And after sometimes everything that I builded has destroy because it was not build on solid ground.
    This is so true I have many examplesin the past of my life that I took base on emotions and in the end was a disaster, but thank God for His Mercy and we are able to start again and do thinks according to His way and thats call Faith.

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