You Can’t?


Some people say that they can’t evangelize, just look at the women in the wheelchair!…

C’mon let’s share the good news!…




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4 Responses to You Can’t?

  1. Beatrice Emiku says:

    Dear Pastor Elijah,
    Wow! that is 100% commitment and 100% sacrifice
    . I would like to have that always.Thank you.

  2. Carol Verner says:

    That is so amazing. She is showing us that we all have no reason why we should not evangalise and they is no obstacle to empede us not even our own disabilties.

  3. carla goncalves says:

    So true
    Wish it’s power .
    And this an example for myself to teach me that there is no obstacles to evangelize.
    Thank you PastorPastor

  4. Lilian James says:

    Dear Pastor,

    This is an inspiration to me.

    When we really want to do something we don’t let anything to get in our way or stop us.

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