Who’s Setting the Pace?

setting the pace

Usually we want to do things our own way, as we think is best or more convenient for us. We want to set the pace.

But what does it means “Setting the Pace” , you may ask?


Set the pace is to do something that establishes a standard.

Please meditate on the following word:

Romans 3:28

(The Message)

“We’ve finally figured it out. Our lives get in step with God and all others by letting him set the pace, not by proudly or anxiously trying to run the parade.”

Many people’s lives are out of step with God, just because they aren’t following Him!…The pride and anxiety takes over and we end up running our own parade! Mankind has a huge problem called self-sufficiency!…We don’t want to depend on nothing and no one!…The average person doesn’t like to be told off, rebuked or corrected. So because of that pride takes over and we get out of step with God. On the other hand is anxiety, by wanting things to be done in our time,  taking the lead without waiting the right time.

What has been the result of you running your parade (Life)?

If we look up to our lives, how many bad decisions we took that end up reflecting very badly? We can see that in love life, relationships, finances, health wise, career, family, etc..

For many, 2012 wasn’t that good exactly because of that!..Or you may say : “It wasn’t that bad”. I say to you: It could have been better, if you have allowed God to set the pace and run your parade.

What can you expect from 2013? Well, if you allow Him to set the parade and run your Parade, most certainly an excellent year ahead of you.

Now let me give you some hints and tips so that you allow God to run your parade.

  • Present your goals and targets to God, trough prayer and ask Him if that is of His will. Remember, men makes plans, but the Lords directs his path. (Proverbs 16:21)
  • Be faithful and obedient to His word
  • Humility comes before honor
  • Cut off anxiety by not following your emotions, rather your intelligence.

You have to make up a decision this year….Who will run your parade? Who’s gone set the pace?

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9 Responses to Who’s Setting the Pace?

  1. Keni Sawer says:

    I decide to not be anxious about my spiritual growth anymore. I will just keep fighting and believing.

  2. Jestina says:

    It’s true that our plans have to align with God’s plans. God answers prayers when we pray and ask His will in our lives. I think something that impedes us to see God’s power in our lives is disbelief.

  3. Sally Kimondo says:

    Hello Pastor,
    I second you on that, precisely one needs to make the decision of who will run their own parade. Personally, I will continue taking on board the advice given, as I realised and identified when I made the decision to allow God to run my parade, He has blessed me at His own time but at the right time. More importantly, when I stopped to be anxious I was able to use my intelligence faith as opposed to using my emotion faith that made me make wrong decisions! Pastor, thank you the message is very strong.

  4. Vinnie Verma says:

    It’s very true pr, while reading this post I realised that us humans can “run our own parade” by simple things as well as big decisions, by deciding to do small things in our own way, it is the equivalent of being proud in Gods eyes and as a result he cannot set the pace as everything we do counts inHis eyes. We have to constantly show God that we depend on Him by letting him lead our paths and for us not to be self sufficient.

  5. Yetunde Omoniyi says:

    This has been me for a very long time and its only after I take the wrong decisions and divert from what God wants is when I realize! It may sound so cliche as we hear it many times but so many things in what we do and who we are/have been show whether God or ourselves are setting the pace. I need to really put God before EVERYTHING – Simple steps that you have put at the end is help for me.

  6. Beatrice says:

    Dear Pr Elijah, This is a place that i desire to be. Giving God the full control while i take the passenger seat and let His Will be done.This is a place of total obedience. Thank you for the message.

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