Highlights of 2012 in UCKG Luton

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13 Responses to Highlights of 2012 in UCKG Luton

  1. Lilian James says:

    2012 has been an amazing year for Luton, but without a doubt 2013 will be like no other.

    • Pr.Elijah says:

      Dear Lilian,

      This year will be a major year of breaktrough in your life. That’s a determination in Jesus Name.
      God Bless you.

      Ps: Keep making your comments and share it.

  2. Vinnie Verma says:

    2012 was a year I can’t forget, a true year of blessings, but 2013 is going to produce even more!!

  3. Ana Antunes says:

    Amei,obrigado por tudo,DEUS Abençoe o senhor e sua familia.

  4. Hellena Gusinyu says:

    2012 has been a year of true blessing because of a true sacrifice with Luton members and i know that 2013 is going to be time for new hopes, aspirations, dreams and wishes .Happy new year Pastor Elijah and Mrs Anna and 1st of January is a new beggining and with it comes, the grace, the desire,the messages from your blog, the prayer to start fresh with god’s help.

  5. Nancy says:

    Thank you Pastor for sharing this!
    It is great to see what has been done in Luton.
    I believe that 2013 will be greater than 2012!
    For me, personally, 2012 has been the best year of my life, but as our God is infinite, I am sure there is more!
    Can’t wait to see Luton again!

  6. Sally Kimondo says:

    Thank you Pastor for sharing Luton UCKG 2012 highlights, truly it was a year full of blessing. I have the assurance that 2013, will be greater as we are in the know and how to continue to apply what we have learnt and are yet to learn! Signs and wonders shall follow us as we continue to determine and use our faith! As you said during the night vigil that one plans but God executes as He guides us, show us and direct us! 2013 is mine! Pastor, may you and your family have a blessed 2013 filled with God.

  7. Michelle Fordah says:

    Pastor it’s such an honour for us to have you in Luton. Look at all the great things our branch have achieved with you and Mrs Ana here.
    To me, you both are like my parents!
    I’m so happy for Luton and my lovely branch and I know that 2013 will see many more victories in our church :D

  8. Ariane M says:

    I absolutely LOVE this!! Maybe this video did not have enough room to display the many more highlights we have had because I do believe the one of the highlights was when God sent Pr Elijah and his family to Luton which is a blessing in itself! Happy to be part of it :)

  9. Briony Bangura says:

    2012 is a year i will never forget!! Luton without a doubt is a great blessing and being there throughout 2012 has made a huge difference to my life, I’m so grateful for all the servants God used to help me and many others there. 2013 will be greater and better :-D very exciting.

    God Bless You!

  10. Virginia Chuna says:

    What an amazing year 2012 was. Although we overcame many challenges, plenty more are to come in 2013 and do you know what, we become stonger as the challenges come our way. For as long as we don’t give up, the sky is the limit. Thank God ^.^
    God bless you, you’r family and your ministry Pr Elijah

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