How Old Are You?

unknown age

You don’t have the age you think you have!…

Let me explain!…

Physically wise everybody knows their day of birth, month and year!…However by a spiritual perspective, our day of birth ( Physical ) serves as nothing to God and truly your age may be different or even inexistent.

Age is connected to the day of birth.

You will understand more about those two different options.

  1. Birth inexistent. How come someone be of no age?

Well, on a certain occasion a disciple said to Jesus:

“Lord, let me first go and bury my father.” But Jesus said to him, “Follow Me, and let the dead bury their own dead.”  

Matthew 8:21-22

As we can see they were alive but Jesus said they were dead!…Dead people are of no age, because they don’t exist!…

2. Different Age

The word of God speaks about New Birth!…Those who were born of God!…And therefore are God’s children.

The day when his sins were revealed and one was aware of his condition before God!…Miserable, poor and naked….One was condemned to hell and cried out for salvation.The day that repentance happened and total surrender to God occurred. The Holy Spirit provided that encounter with God and since that day one was a new creature!…

  • New thoughts
  • New aims and Goals (God’s ones)
  • Selfishness gave place to unselfishness
  • Sin gave place to sanctity
  • Grudges gave place to forgiveness
  • Promiscuity gave place to holiness
  • Evil eyes to good eyes
  • Greed gave place to generosity
  • Materialism gave place to spirituality
  • Swear words gave place to swetness of words
  • Negativity gave place to positivity
  • Past hurts, traumas and abuse were wiped out
  • Rudeness gave place to gentleness
  • Nervousness to patience
  • Pleasures of the world gave place to the things of God

The person has got God’s DNA, His nature, His eyes, His mind, His words, His Character!…

I have got 38 years old ( Physical speaking)!…But that’s not my true age, I’m just 16 years old!…When I had my encounter with God!…On the 11th of January, 1997!..

That’s my true birthday!..

And you? Is your age non existent? Have you been born of God?

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5 Responses to How Old Are You?

  1. Sally Kimondo says:

    Dear Pastor Elijah,
    The message is very strong and true! As I also recognised when one has an encounter with God! One becomes a new person, as your old ways give way to the things of God! Like a child you want to share your experience with God to each and everyone who you come across to, more importantly, your focus is on God! No matter the situation or circumstances one is in the faith to overcome the battle, as you have the assurance that with every battle there is a testimony attached to it! This message goes hand in hand with immune, deaf and blind! There is so much to write and identify about the new birth, as it is an experience like no other! Where you recognise your sins, weakness and open your heart to God! Thank you for sharing! It’s truly a blessing! God bless you

    • Pr.Elijah says:

      Dear Sally,

      Our main goal is to lead others to the new birth, because that’s our main goal isn’t it. Hope you can be an instrument in God’s hands to make people grafted in the vine!…
      God bless you.

  2. Hellena Gusinyu says:

    Spiritual age is the day you will stand strong after physical age. Once again you dont let pleasures of the world to get in your way.Spiritual age is were we count your happiness once again begins and remains eternity, and this is were you will start to count how many years from now i have been born of god, inviting jesus to come into your heart and hold into him.

  3. Nancy says:

    I like this post! Especially because it shows that spiritual maturity does not depend on physical age! One can be younger and understand the things of God much more than an older person. We have to be as humble as children so that God can work inside of us. It reminds me of the times Vinnay was explaining things to me! ( he still does actually) ahahah ! God can use anyone.

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