Leave the Mama

leave the mama

Let’s understand better a prayer that the Lord Jesus made!…

John 17:11

 11 Now I am no longer in the world, but these are in the world, and I come to You. Holy Father, keep through Your name those whom You have given Me,that they may be one as We are.

The Lord Jesus was praying for his disciples. He had given them power and authority to cast out demons, heal all sort of illness, preach the kingdom of God, etc…However there was something that was on His mind….Something that needed to happen with them!…A job that was still to be done!…

You may ask: But they were already disciples!…What else do they needed?

We can see Jesus saying: ” (…)that they may be one as We are!…”

Now, let’s understand this.

How can a person be one with God? I will answer that question by asking a question?

Can a person be one with someone (Physically speaking)? Only trough marriage!.. The bride and groom, leave their father and mother and become one flesh!…Isn’t that right? Now, if that’s the only way trough which two can become one, don’t you think that the same principle applies spiritually?

The only way we can become one with God is trough “marriage”!…

We need to get married with God, trough a total commitment, surrender, and leave behind the world, our desires, cravings, lusts, etc… When the groom decides to get married he starts to change everything around him!…His life will change in every way, shape and form!….He will abandon their parents, his house, friends, habits, customs and pleasures. He will forsake all that, in order to please the wife and live a life in common!…

There is where the problem lies in many marriages and above all why many cannot be born of God!…

They don’t want to leave the “Mama!…”There is an attachment to the single life, to friends, old habits, etc…Spiritually wise there are those that don’t want to leave the “Mama!” which in this case is the worldly manners, sinful life, let go of pride, religiousness, grudges, etc…

The “Fusion” between us and God ( New Birth) will never happen if there is no breaking with the things of this world!…

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4 Responses to Leave the Mama

  1. Rui Bacala says:

    Whem we marrie, It is like making a puree, when you have to mash the potatoes(bride, and groom), and them pour the milk(Holy Spirit), they become One marvelous puree, inseparable… The same is whem we became One whith God…

  2. Sydney says:

    Very strong pastor and thanks for the spiritual nourishment.

  3. Vinnie and Sushma Verma says:

    Very true pr, as if one doesn’t know how to give himself, as he/she does in a marriage, there relationship will not blossom and it is exactly the same with God, he did his part in this ‘marriage’ over 2000 years ago but now its time for us to leave the ‘Mama’ and be committed and faithful and the result will be, as Pr Rui said, “One marvellous puree”

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