Spiritual Diet


Those who want to please God, know that their lives must be disciplined by a “Spiritual Diet”!…The forbidden Menu!…

I know that if I want to be fit, there are things that I have to avoid in my diet isn’t it? Salty and grassy foods, pizzas, burgers fries, etc… I have to make exercise, and above all eat healthy!….Vegetables, salads, ingest less calories, etc…

There are the “non touch” foods and drinks otherwise I will jeopardize my diet and health.

Those who want to enter in the kingdom of God, have to be fit for it!….They have to make “Spiritual Diet”!...There are the “Non touch things, non do things, non watch things, non saying things, etc…

However there are those who want to do whatever their flesh desires and fulfill it’s cravings. We can call these type of person the “Spiritual Chubby’s“!…Lol…

Take a look at the picture!…


The “Spiritual Chubby’s” won’t enter in God’s Kingdom, because they are not fit to enter there!…The door is very narrow!…

Matthew 7:14

Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.”

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7 Responses to Spiritual Diet

  1. Sally Kimondo says:

    Dear Pastor,
    One needs to continue to be watchful in their spiritual diet and not to eat the forbidden fatty foods! When reading this message I was comparing with the example of a dieter! If you diet and don’t take care of your body by following the heathy options and exercise, one way or another One will eventually gain the weight again! In real essence, one needs to guard their own spiritual walk with God, by continuing to avoid the forbidden diet, to be watchful and to always seek the Holy Spirit for guidance s.

  2. Sydney says:

    Pastor two words to some up your post; spiritual diet requires total Obedience & Self denial everyday! Keep on inspiring us.

  3. Stacey Brown says:

    The more you make effort to go to the gym and take excersie, eat the right foods, drink water etc- the results show- and quickly! you have to eat right (fill yourself on the word of GOD!) And excercise (that means- PRACTICE WHAT YOU LEARN!)
    Thank you pastor for my glass of water- I needed that! lol
    Stacey Brown- Luton

  4. Michelle Fordah says:

    Lol Pastor I love this post but it’s so true! I’m making sure I stay on my spiritual diet. It’s so easy just to eat that little piece of cake or have that little chocolate bar, but with this specific spiritual diet, discipline is a MUST!!

  5. Virginia Chuna says:

    There really isn’t a better way to explain what you’ve said Pr, it’s straight to the point. I mean it’s funny looking at it with our physical eyes (the chubby person on the picture can’t enter the kingdom of Heaven) but spiritually if we are chubby feeding ourselves with things that won’t make us spiritually healthy, for sure we will be too big to go through the narrow gate :)

  6. Beatrice Luton says:

    Dear Pastor, very strong and absolutely true, total Obedience & Self denial work together and it is had to operate on one without the other if one is to succeed in this spiritual journey.

    Thank you

  7. Ana Antunes says:

    A porta larga é sempre mais fácil,assim como a comida desse mundo tudo é fácil mas o problema não está no mundo está dentro de nós,que não queremos sacrificar as nossas vontades,achamos que DEUS entende as nossas fraquezas,mas DEUStambém sábe que nós não queremos mudar,porque quem quer vai muda,não se deixa levar pelas facilidades desse mundo,cada um de nós têm que pensar se quer entrar na porta larga com muitos amigos,ou na porta estreita sozinho a escolha é sua

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