Ethernet Christian or Wireless Christian?

Ethernet or Wireless

Speaking in terms of internet connection, there’s basically two ways of connecting your computer. By ethernet connection, which comes directly from the router or wirelessly ( Meaning without any wires attached).

Now I’m going to use this example to establish a parallel between two types of Christians!…Let’s called them the “Ethernet Christians” and “Wireless Christians”.

The“Ethernet Christians” are those whose connection is only in the church!…In the church they are mindful and thoughtful of God’s ways and will, however their connection is limited to that space. After they leave the church, their connection stops, their prayer stops, the meditation in God’s word stops, they stop to be in the spirit and go back to please their flesh, cravings and desires. Then because there’s no connection one will be without guidance, strength and will be lost.

The “Wireless Christians” are those that no matter where they are in the church, work, home, etc… they are always connected with God!…Not necessary trough prayers, fasting or the like, but above all in Spirit, mindful and thoughtful on how to do God’d will and to please him. They don’t depend on a pastor, church, or 3rd parties, they are inspired, revived and renewed by their own connection with God.

The “Wireless Christians” know that in order to have a “strong signal” they need to be closed to the “Router” otherwise they will become weak. We need to be closed to the “Root” of strength, energy, positivity, guidance, inspiration, peace, wisdom, self-control, etc…

The Lord Jesus is called the Root of David (Revelation 5:5).

Whom have we been?

The “Ethernet Christian” or the “Wireless Christian”?

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4 Responses to Ethernet Christian or Wireless Christian?

  1. carla goncalves says:

    Hi Pastor i belived that I have been a wireless christian.
    I realize that for me to be able to be a wireless christian I must to be conected to the things of God and the password its (the Holly Spirit)no one can not be connected with out this password .
    You may even be Eternet and someone log for you to use but will be only for a certain period if you dont keep using will block is not the same with our faith ?
    In order for you to have free and unlimited access you must to have a router and the password and if keep using

  2. Sydney says:

    True pastor…. And the “Router” has password that one needs in order to connect wirelessly.without this password it’s impossible,,,,, in the same way Spiritually speaking our PASSWORD is the Holy Spirit which allows us to stay connect wherever, whenever. Thanks for such inspirations
    Keep blogging

  3. Sally Kimondo says:

    Dear Pastor,
    I second you on that as one has to be connected with God all the time. No matter the place, the season or time. Our lives should reflect God ways all the time. A wireless Internet one has to have the password code router in order to receive connection! Therefore, as a Christian we should always be connected with the ways, things of God.
    Our dependency should be on God not on man.

  4. Hellena Gusinyu says:

    Wireless christians are always connected to god and find god’s presence everywhere at home ,work,church. Thank you pastor for sharing.

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