It’s Time to Push!…


Yes it is positive!!!

I started to love my son since the moment that I discovered I was pregnant. Without seeing him my love for him grew up each day. My life totally changed since the day I had the positive result in my hands. I change my life, my routine, my habits.

I humbled many times asking those who were more experienced  than me…. In other words I put all my efforts in order to allow this life that was inside of me to develop in a perfect way and come to this world perfect.

The care with myself, the time to know more things about maternity, the change of habits and so many other things and sacrifices, marked those 9 months.


127-1 MÊS (125)

 Yes is positive! God wants to born in you. The question is do you want to develop this pregnancy? 

If the answer is yes, here go 10 tips:

  • This pregnancy only will happen if you have daily intimacy with God
  •  A total surrender of your life it is required
  •  A changing of life, leaving behind the habits, costumes, maybe a routine, something that before was so normal, now can’t be anymore
  • Humbleness to recognise that you don’t know anything
  • Take care of yourself, do not be contaminated with things of your flesh, from the world. Remember devil’s plan it is to kill and destroy this little seed inside of you.
  • Show interest. Know better about the One that will born inside of you
  • See if you are giving Him the conditions for Him to develop inside of you
  • Are you feeding Him??? Are you giving Him the quality of your time, your thoughts, your attitudes???
  • Are you sacrificing towards Him? That means a lot, because many things need to stay behind
  •  Put all your efforts and all your strength for this BIRTH to happen on time!..

 It is time to push! 

Ana Bacala

Collaboration of Ana Bacala

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14 Responses to It’s Time to Push!…

  1. Michelle Adjoa Fordah says:

    This is too strong! If I want God to be born in me, I must look after my body in order to harbour the Holy Spirit. That means it must be clean and emptied out of all rubbish.

  2. Rui Bacala says:

    Yes it´s true in order to be a son of God you must born of Him naturaly, and for that to hapen you must be pregnant of this great miracle, to desire Him above all things and of course be willing to make any sacrifice to make it happen.
    God, bless you my sister in law.

  3. Sally Kimondo says:

    Amen! This is very strong and true! More so, after the 9 months of anticipating and labouring in pain once you push and deliever and the child is put in your hands! It’s a life you eagerly and openly want to adopt to fit the child in! How you have related it by wanting God to born in me, it is a step of wanting to go through the process of making sure I am ready to receive and treasure the gift given! Thank you for the ten tips I have started applying them already! Humbleness accepting you don’t know anything and readily and eager to learn! Telling Him my thoughts! Thank you Mrs Ana! May Gid continue inspiring you.

  4. carlayfmgoncalves says:

    Bom dia Pastor , Gostaria de partilhar consigo a minha inspiração Eu chamo a metamorfose cristã… O bicho da seda e um insecto feio comum e pra mim ele até e nogento se me permite a palavra Pastor. Não e assim que chegamos a Deus ?Cheios de orgulho, magoa, complexos egoísmo …tal e qual a um bicho da seda um insecto assim somos nos …. Mas o bicho da seda quando alimentando da folha da  Amoreira e isolado do sol e não exposto a produtos químicos ele passa por uma fase ele transforma se num casulo.Assim também  somos nos quando nos alimentamos da palavra de Deus e nos isolarmos de tudo o que contamina a nossa relação com Deus também criamos esse habitat.O bicho da seda e transformado dentro do casulo numa borboleta …que lindo um insecto que era nogento transformado numa linda borboleta….Assim somos nos dentro desse casulo transformando de dentro pra fora alimentando nos da palavra não contaminando nos e ai comeca Deus trabalhando em nos de dentro pra fora até transformando-os nessa linda borboleta que voa…Essa e a nossa metarmefose Cristã quando passamos pela fase de isolamento e de mudança ,mudança essa que só e notada fisicamente pelos outros em nosso redor quando estivermos selados com Espírito Santo. Depois do bicho da seda passar por essa fase até ser transformado bicho da seda o casulo e transformado em fios que são utilizados para fazer tecidos finos tecidos de seda .Que engracado não e o mesmo que se passa connosco ?Na fase de transformação  não temos que dar,sacrificar para que essa transformação aconteca? Até o bicho da seda que era um insecto feio teve que sacrificar para se tornar uma linda borboleta quanto mais nos para alcançarmos o que nos leva a nossa salvação o Espírito Santo !

    Enviado de Samsung Galaxy NoteHOLY FIRE-ELIJAH’S BLOG escreveu:

  5. Jacqueline says:

    Mrs Ana you are absolutely spot on I just woke up to pray and saw this message God Bless You

    • Pr.Elijah says:

      Hi Jacqueline!…What a surprise!…I hope you can keep on comment about the posts on the Blog and being Inspired. How is David?
      God Bless you.

  6. Beatrice says:

    Very true, we must protect that seed from the beginning to the end. Because the evil one is always very close standing by to make sure that we do not make it to the end. Very strong Mrs Ana

  7. Ruth says:

    This makes things so clear!
    Now to act on it.

  8. Jacqueline says:

    Hi Mrs Ana good to hear you David is well has been working in Holland for a bit. Have a wonderful day God Bless

  9. Vonette says:

    Mrs Ana you hit the hammer on the nail. Oh, this is very much true. To keep the pearl shinning I have to continue to clean and feed myself each day.

  10. Ruth Najeme says:

    Dear Ana,
    Your message is a food for thought to any one who seriously want to be baptist with the Holy Spirit. Physically speaking, before any woman becomes pregnant with a baby, her womb has to be healthy and clean for the implantation of the foetus to live in there,through its gestational period right through to birth, when the time to push comes. In the same way spiritually speaking, the Holy Spirit can only implants himself in a temple (heart) that is healthy and clean from all what doesn’t please him as enumerated in the scripture of Galatians 5 from verse 19 to 21.So once the person gets rid of all the filths,and seeks the Holy Spirit whole heartedly,from the Lord who says,” ask and it shall be given unto you”,the Holy Spirit whom he promised to send,will definitely come and dwell and live in the person. Hence the time to push will surface, as the fruit of the spirit, will be born of the person.
    Stay Blessed.My love to the family.
    In Faith.
    Ruth Najeme.

  11. Judith Dhossa says:

    This message is just what I need at this very moment. Thank you miss Anna for sharing

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