God’s Kick!…

We can see trough the video that the Lion was defeated by the Zebra kick!…Nowadays it’s not different!…The “Lion” it’s there hunting, to devour, kill, steal and destroy!…

We only have one option!… “Kick” otherwise we will be devoured by them.

Now, only those who have the Holy Spirit are able to “kick”- the doubts, fears, insecurity, complexes, negativity, past traumas, anxiety, lust, sexual immorality, lies, gossip, hatred, grudges, etc…

I can Call it  “God’s Kick”– Without the Holy Spirit we are week and unable to “Kick”.

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One Response to God’s Kick!…

  1. Beatrice says:

    Yes Pastor it is the survival of the fittest and only with the help of the Holy Spiri can we be the fittest and overcome the lion who is waiting to devour. Thank you

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