Tears of Emancipation!‏…

Sinful women

A woman filled with sin knew that Jesus would be at the Pharisees house, so she went there with fragrance oil.

She wept behind Jesus and used her tears to wash his feet with her hair. She kissed Jesus feet and anointed it with fragrance oil. This woman being filled with sin to me means she was living in sin like a prostitute. We do not know what led her to that life, or how much pain and trauma she experienced over the years. The first thing she did was enter the house of the pharisee.

This is a big statement- this is saying” I do not care what others may think of me as in entering the pharisees house”. As a sinful woman she put her fear of others aside as in  those times the pharisees were seen as the most righteous and holy of people.

Immediately behind Jesus she wept, she did not cry. But she wept. Weeping comes from deep within. To me it is like she was releasing every pain, experience, attitude, thought, and feeling she developed over the years in living the life that she did. she then used her tears to clean the feet of Jesus.

She surrendered her BEFORE self to Him! she gave him everything from within.

The fact that she used her hair to clean His feet is significant to me, as a woman’s hair even more so in those times was and is today the beauty of a woman- her significance. Maybe she even used her hair to attract men- this to me is a humbling action of giving to Jesus. The bible then says that she kissed His feet. His feet! this symbolising her pure love.

And then she anointed his feet with her fragrance oil. Her prized possession. Her scent. Her worth,

I cried when I read this because it reminded me of me when I came to the church and my conversion. I had to pour myself out to inherit total freedom of the mind from everything I was subjected to before finding Jesus.

We have to be poured out daily!  This woman did not see anyone- all she saw was the need for her to be released. She new that she could ask for forgiveness and be forgiven, But that is not what she was after alone! She wanted Jesus! she laid everything upon him- she poured herself out!!

Is it not amazing that even what is ugly, when given to God can be transformed into something very beautiful as she used her tears of pain to clean the feet of Jesus! We have to be humble in these 21 days, strip off ourselves, and pour ourselves out.

Stacey Brown

Collaboration of Stacey Brown

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7 Responses to Tears of Emancipation!‏…

  1. Pr.Elijah says:

    A Sinful Woman Forgiven

    36 Then one of the Pharisees asked Him to eat with him. And He went to the Pharisee’s house, and sat down to eat. 37 And behold, a woman in the city who was a sinner, when she knew that Jesus sat at the table in the Pharisee’s house,

    (Your point is really strong and I have to emphasise it: What hinders many to surrender their life is to consider other people’s opinion, especially the religious ones!…Going against the crowd!..)

    brought an alabaster flask of fragrant oil, 38 and stood at His feet behind Him weeping;

    (Many are those what NEVER DONE THAT!…Weeping at Jesus feet!…That’s truly a sign of surrender!..I can Imagine her holding both of his feet, restraining Jesus!….saying, not with words “I have done so wrong, I’ve messed up my life, I’m not even worth to look at your face!…I repent, I turn away from my wickedness)

    and she began to wash His feet with her tears, and wiped them with the hair of her head;

    (I believe that by washing Jesus feet she was kind off saying: Please wash me as well, wipe my sins as I’m wiping your feet)

    and she kissed His feet and anointed them with the fragrant oil.

    (The feet are the most dirty members of our body. Specially on those days that people would wear sandals and obviously have their feet full of dust!…Kissing the feet was humiliation at the extreme. She was making herself one with that dust, again saying:” Im nothing, I’m worthless without you!…”)

    39 Now when the Pharisee who had invited Him saw this, he spoke to himself, saying, “This Man, if He were a prophet, would know who and what manner of woman this is who is touching Him, for she is a sinner.”

    40 And Jesus answered and said to him, “Simon, I have something to say to you.”
    So he said, “Teacher, say it.”
    41 “There was a certain creditor who had two debtors. One owed five hundred denarii, and the other fifty.42 And when they had nothing with which to repay, he freely forgave them both. Tell Me, therefore, which of them will love him more?”
    43 Simon answered and said, “I suppose the one whom he forgave more.”
    And He said to him, “You have rightly judged.” 44 Then He turned to the woman and said to Simon, “Do you see this woman? I entered your house; you gave Me no water for My feet, but she has washed My feet with her tears and wiped them with the hair of her head. 45 You gave Me no kiss, but this woman has not ceased to kiss My feet since the time I came in. 46 You did not anoint My head with oil, but this woman has anointed My feet with fragrant oil.

    (An encounter with God has to come with giving!…Jesus said to the pharisee, “You gave me no…”, 3 times. No water, No kiss, No anointing!…That’s exacly why many people dont have an encounter with God and let alone the Baptism with the Holy Spirit!….THERE’S NO GIVING, NO SURRENDER, NO REPENTANCE, NO SACRIFICE, NO OFFERING!…

    The 3 givings symbolize the 3 sacrifices we have to make: Spiritual ( Water=Baptism in water, repentance)Physical (Kiss=Love, obedience, faithfulness)Material (Alabaster flask of fragrant oil=Possessions, financial resources)

    She poured herself out a Complete surrender!..

    47 Therefore I say to you, her sins, which are many, are forgiven, for she loved much. But to whom little is forgiven, the same loves little.”
    48 Then He said to her, “Your sins are forgiven.”
    49 And those who sat at the table with Him began to say to themselves, “Who is this who even forgives sins?”
    50 Then He said to the woman, “Your faith has saved you. Go in peace.”

    Here we see the transfiguration, it wasn’t anymore the sinful women of the city!… She was just a women redeemed, saved and transfigured!..

  2. Michelle Fordah says:

    It’s simple. If this woman who had everything to be ashamed of, could humiliate herself at Jesus’ feet then why not me?

    Humility is everything. I’m sure it wouldn’t have been the same if she just gave the flask to Jesus and left. She went down on her knees.

    If someone is lying on the floor there is no way they can be ignored. That is what I am doing in these 21 days. With my actions, I want to prostrate myself upon the ground. Jesus cannot pass me by; He either steps over or stops but He will stop, because I am surrendering. I’ve determined that these 21 days will change my life completely.

  3. Teresa says:

    What a crystal clear example of what we need to do.
    It’s all or nothing .
    God bless

  4. sally says:

    This teaching has really made me to reflect within myself and meditate on it! It is very simple to the reader but once you unpick everything that the woman did, it makes one to question themselves about their own spiritual walk with God! Humility is a process that is gained through humbling. What stood out for me was for her it was her moment and she didn’t care what anybody else did or say! I am still meditating on it! As the fragrance oil is still been used and taught today.

  5. LORD Jesus i thank you for grace to encounter you keep me in constant relationship with you by the Holy Spirit. amen

  6. Tash says:

    I had tears in my eyes while reading this, I have reed and herd about the verses of a sinful woman fogiven however Stacey has written it so clear, explaining the woman ever action , for me it was as if I was reading and hearing about this for the frist time. The woman action really remind me of my journey in my faith and that I should never let go of my first love.

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