The Most Shocking Truth in the Holy Scriptures!….

Authenticity seal

You are about to know one of the greatest lie of all times!…

“Everybody is a child of God”

Author: Satan

Usually people are convinced that they are God’s children, that they belong to God. One couldn’t be so wrong and mistaken!…

Coming to church, reading the Holy Scriptures, making chains-of-prayer, fasting, giving tithes and offerings or simply just say: “I believe!…” DOES NOT MAKE YOU A CHILD OF GOD!…

We can called them a “Fraud”, “Fake” or “Contrafaction” Christhians!…

CONTRAFACTION, is a crime punished by law. Counterfeiting, imitating.  Its the illegal reprinting of a took for which the author or his assignee has a copyright.

Give a glance to one of the most shocking truths in the hole Bible!…

Romans 8:9

“(…) Now if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he is not His.”

If you don’t have the Holy Spirit, you are just a contrafaction!…a fake and a fraud.

Who are you?

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12 Responses to The Most Shocking Truth in the Holy Scriptures!….

  1. Michelle Fordah says:

    This is very strong Pastor! If you don’t have His Spirit, you’re a fake! No amount of going to church or praying can save you.

  2. Sally Kimondo says:

    Dear Pr.
    This is very strong as one needs to have the seal of The Holy Spirit! The Spirit of God to dwell within us as we cannot compensate it with the amount of prayers, church attendance, chain of prayer, etc! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Sydney says:

    Indeed Pastor without His Spirit one does not belong to him. The Holy Spirit is like God’s DNA in us and without it there’s no link/ communion with Him and NOT only is person fraud, fake. They become ” Orphans” spiritually, the person can even experience the blessing through their faith but still they only know God thru information. It’s only when we critically x-ray our lives and recognise what we need to change & humble before God,then He reigns within us. Thank you Pastor very strong.

  4. Ruth says:

    This is very strong! Thank you for the inspiration Pastor!

  5. This message has stand out for me because if you do not have a holy spirit. You are wasting time. Order for you recevie the Holy Spirit you must let go off sin and craving dersies, denying yourself.

  6. Virginia says:

    #WOAH!!! very true and Straight to the point.

  7. Virginia says:

    Thank you Pastor for sharing this because most of us do not know, we think by giving God our money and time makes us become His Children. Now that the Holy Spirit Himself is revealing to us all through His servants, we are fully aware who we really are, “fake or true children of God”.I thank God for this opportunity (21 days of fast) because I have been renewed and revived spiritually speaking to a point of seeing the things of God in a total different way. I am more aware of why I was collected from the garbage (a filthy life that I was living in) and to be given a total transformation. I can now say this is a true birth and a total surrender and it’s all for the glory of God through His Spirit. I believe God wants to revive His church It’s time for us all to examine ourselves.
    God bless you.

  8. Virginia says:

    Sorry, above message from Jane

  9. Beatrice says:

    Very true Pastor, the Holy Spirit serves as a strong witness to who is the child of God, one can not be without the other. That is the most shocking truth. Thank you for the inspiration .

  10. simonese joseph says:

    Very strong pastor, thats why we have to have the spirit of god in us, i am fighting for it.

  11. Karema Henderson says:

    Very strong pastor! If you dont have His Spirit you are fake and a fraud; that is the proof your ID the Holy Spirit.
    Thank you pastor

  12. Tash says:

    This is so true without the Holy Spirit you are fake your not His even if you evangelise, give offending, fast, do chain of prayers it means no nothing your only being a fraud.

    Its almost like when a person is illegal in a country, they can act as a citizen in the country work, use the services like everyone else however they do not have the documents to remain, no matter all the work they have done in to improve the country (paying tax) it wouldn’t matter because the fact remains that the person is illegal, and there will be a time when the person will be sent back unless they get their documents and be come legal.

    So the Holy Spirit is like our spiritual legal documents.

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