New Birth

Baby in God's hands

New birth is a common language in church and many people say that indeed they have had the new birth. Some indeed have been conceived by God and became new creatures, others still struggle to be born of God.

When we thing about birth, immediately comes to our mind a little baby isn’t it? That’s why in Scriptures we can find reference about being born of God, the new birth, as it is written in the gospel of John 3.

So the point I want to make, is that the main characteristics of a baby are the ones that one must have if indeed wants to be born of God.

  • Total dependance of his parents

That’s why some can’t be born of God!…They still rely on their self-suficiency. There must be a total surrender to God.

  • Purity

One must live in holiness, strive to be pure of heart, mind, eyes, body, etc…whilst there’s no purity the new birth cannot occur.

  • Humbleness

It’s really easy to correct a child due to their innocence. They are humble and accept correction. The other way around (Pride) is a really hindrance for those who want to be born of God.

I’m sure there are other characteristics we will find, however I think that these one are really important to ponder, if there’s a true desire to be have the new birth.

Matthew 18:3

“and said, “Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.”
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3 Responses to New Birth

  1. Sally Kimondo says:

    Thank you Pr. Elijah for sharing and speaking about new birth and I love the illustration of the birth of a child! One has to always identify themselves with the pointers you have used! God bless you

  2. Nancy says:

    I really like the first point you made ‘total dependance on the parents’. A child is nothing without the parent’s guidance, some even cry as soon as the mother or father figure is leaving them for a short moment!

  3. Lilian James says:

    Thank you Pastor for this message. This is so true a child depends totally upon his/her parents but as he/she grows becomes more dependent upon him/her self, but it’s so important that no matter how much we grow (in age, spiritually etc) to be dependent on God and God alone.

    May God inspire you more.

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