Rotten Fruits?

Wrotten food

I believe that in a certain stage of live,someone came across with the following situation: A power cut or blackout on the grid.

Maybe the person went to vacation, or had to be out of the house for a long period of time and when she came, there was a stench of rotten food all over the place. There was a loss of all the food in the freezer and fridge.

The point I want to make by using this example is about connection. When the power connection failed, the fridge stopped working and  everything defiled inside. Food is stored in the cold temperature because bacteria cannot develop in the cold, therefore the goods are preserved. On the other side of the coin, bacteria develops in warm environments, accelerating the process of decomposition.

The same happens with life and in the spirit realm.

Many peoples lives are full of rotten fruits and little do they know that the problem lies on the lack of the connection with God, and the “Bacteria” meaning all

Those that are truly connected with God, not only when they come to church but living by faith, obeying and sacrificing their own desires and cravings these are the ones that bear good fruits. The fridge cannot be connected to the power socket just an hour a day isn’t it?

There must be power 24/7. In the same way we must be connected to God always by remaining in spirit of prayer, watching our spiritual life, thoughtful of the things of God. There must be a constant involvement with what is good, trustworthy, that will please God.

So please get connected, so you can be empowered!… The good fruits will come!…


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3 Responses to Rotten Fruits?

  1. Beatrice says:

    Very true Pastor, if we persevere praying, being watchful and keeping our thoughts in the Spiritual things, we will surely see Godly fruits, the road may be rough and rocky. But perseverance is the operative word. Thank you for the post.

  2. Virginia says:

    Interesting. If I then become rotten, Gods facial expression will be just like the lady on the picture, not pleased with the aroma, and He will therefore throw me away. Its true The fridge cannot be connected to the power socket just an hour a day, it must be connected 24/7. So must my connection with God be. Thanks

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