Spiritual Gangrene


Gangrene is a serious and potentially life-threatening condition that arises when a considerable mass of body tissue dies (necrosis). This may occur after an injury or infection, or in people suffering from any chronic health problem affecting blood circulation.

I would like to speak about “Spiritual Gangrene”, another version of the physical and pathological condition!…

         Many are the so called “Christians” that come to church and to God only to satisfy their own desires and sort out their own problems. Sometimes when things are better or they have received a certain blessing, off they go!…

We don’t see today the same pentecostal and strong movement of evangelism as of in the days of old. People became selfish and often say: I haven’t got time to do that!

        Once one becomes member of the body of Christ, trough the process of deliverance, conversion, encounter with God and baptised with the Holy Spirit, God expect us to bear much fruit!..To be involved in the activities of the church, such as evangelism, to take part of a group within the church (Patient Care, ROD (Rescue of Dignity), Temple Care, Prayer Group, Fundraising Group, CBC (Children Biblical Centre), Caleb Group (Elderly), etc…

By doing that we will be giving, in activity!…And that’s what being a Christian is: TO GIVE.

Acts 20:35

“(…) And remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He said: “It is more blessed to give that to receive”

When that doesn’t happen, there’s no circulation, and obviously that part of the body, dies slowly and has to be AMPUTATED!..

So let’s watch out so that we aren’t amputated from God’s body, for why should we occupy the place of someone that will bear much fruit!…

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3 Responses to Spiritual Gangrene

  1. What a good message designed to empower us spiritually. I would say that this post is highly beneficial because in the world of Christianity we have to talk about what is wrong, about what needs to be fixed so that we can now get it right. The Helper (who is the Holy Spirit) Jesus Christ promised God would give us, he described him as “the Spirit of truth” in John 14:17. The truth helps the members of the body of Christ to identify what needs to be fixed and to now get it right. Also when we hear the truth from the Holy Spirit, we have to start changing that situation straight away because it is God calling our attention on something that needs to change so that he can point us as excellent servants in his kingdom.
    Not to forget about the goal: the goal is to be able to have the King’s approval to inherit the kingdom prepared for us (Matthew 25:34) when we present ourselves before him. No approval would mean no entry. We cannot let that happen. I am inspired by this message to do more. There is always more to do, more to give.

  2. Judith Dhossa says:

    indeed why should we occupy the place of someone who will bear much fruit.
    Or we are or we are not. This message is a shake up.

  3. Beatrix Luton says:

    For sure this is a wake up call, we cannot be complacent, in a state of day dreaming,sluggish or slack. Pastor, just like you said at the service yesterday, we all have cleaning,cooking family pressures and at the end of it all we are tired out and do not want to be bothered. However we must have a priority list and God cannot be given the left overs of our strength and time. I have been inspired by this message, I will keep the circulation going.

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