Is It Finished?

It is finished

Everybody knows the last word of Jesus Christ at the cross: It is finished. However few are those who say the same word to their problems and to their own wickedness.

Majority of believers want to take possetion of God’s promises thinking that in a magical way, God will change their lives. It just doesn’t work like that!…Yes prayer, fast, meditation of God’s word, come to church and be active in faith, all that is a must.

So what lacks in many believers so that they can see the promises of God coming to pass in their lives?

They need to say it’s finished!…To be bold and courageous, to undertake attitudes of risk. To say no to the things of the world, their flesh, cravings and desires. The word finish carries the blood, sacrifice and self-denial.

One has to say it and do it!…

Otherwise it’s never going to be finished!.. 

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3 Responses to Is It Finished?

  1. Powerful message Pastor Elijah. I am spiritually empowered by it.

  2. I am spiritually empowered by this revelation and now through practicing it, I will certainly reap from the benefits that come with it. What a joy. My passion lies in the Lord.

  3. Sally Kimondo says:

    Dear Pr. Elijah,
    Thank you for reminding us the boldness one should have in order to use our faith more effectively.
    One has to declare and confess it is finish and by doing the initiative thing first by cutting off from our own worldly desires, denying our earthly desire and carry our cross. We need to be distinguished and set apart to do the will of God.
    God bless you for always blessing our spiritual life.

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