What’s Faith?

I was speaking with someone about how we use our faith, and I remembered about a history I have heard couple of years ago. We can see by that illustration what faith is all about!… Check it out!…

Please have your say about what you saw in the video. What you think faith is?







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6 Responses to What’s Faith?

  1. Lilian James says:

    Pastor, this is a simple but very powerful message. It is so easy to say with words that a person trusts God when everything is going well, but it’s in the very moments, when no one and nothing is there to help or support when a person has to show, not God but themselves if they really trust or not. And each one of us will be at this point sometime or another. It is an opportunity to refine our faith.

    May God find the quality of faith today that will glorify Him.

    God bless you Pastor

  2. Karen Ocran says:

    That’s so true we hold on to our on rope that tie us up to death, instead of letting it go and God to take over.
    It’s an eye opener.
    Thanks Pr.

  3. Sydney says:

    The rope neutralise our Faith in God, Pr I watched this video a few times today and relating it to my life. I find that their still areas of my life am still holding on to the rope. Example finances am faithful tither and offering giver Etc BUT it’s when am in a ” free fall” financially speaking with just the rope( what I depend on) & faith!!!!! I learnt a lot from this clip and am sure the Holy Spirit will reveal more ropes that needs cutting throughout the 21 Days.

  4. Nancy says:

    Pastor, this message showed me how much selfishness lead us to impossible situations. I am sure that God was trying to enter the life of this mountaineer before he started climbing, but he had to find himself in trouble to call upon Him because he knew about Him.
    This guy would have let go of the mountain if only he knew…
    And that’s the problem, when we want to trust God but BEFORE trusting Him we want to see the proof of His power. The answer that God gave to the mountaineer did not match his expectations, in fact it went against what he expected. He might have imagined an angel coming to deliver him, and im sure he would have liked this perspective, and he even would have had the faith to listen and hold on to an angel sent by God that he could see, but he couldn’t see underneath him. He did not have the faith to listen and act upon Gods WORDS.
    Trusting God with conditions is not trust, it is when we don’t have control over what is going to happen that we truly trust in God.
    Thank you for posting.

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