Manna or Promise Land?


God took the the hebrews out of slavery, from the bondage of Egypt and pharaoh and lead them trough the desert in order to take possession of the promise land. There was a prophecy made, and God had to fulfil it. 

Now, for the prophecy to be fulfilled, God had to take care of them, which He did!…He provided a kind of bread, called manna!..God sent provision, they ate of the manna, God made water to came out of the rock and even meat God provided!…Nothing, absolutlely nothing lacked for their survival. By night they had a columm  of fire ( To give them light and to warm them from cold temperatures), by day God sent a cloud ( To protect them from the heat).

The miracles and  manifestation of God’s power that they saw and provision that they received, should have given them the absolutely assurance that the prophecy was going to happen and they shouldn’t divert their eyes from their main goal- The Promise land.

But that’s exactly what they did!..They complained, murmured and wanted to go back to Egypt.

The point I want to make here is that many get used to God’s provision!…But God wants to make you great and give you the promise land!…

Let’s see:

The typical average life:  The guy that has a job, lives in a flat where a mortgage has been made for 35 years, his kids study on a public school, when he’s sick goes to a public hospital, takes a bus to go work or has a 2nd hand car. Usualy eats and dresses porly. Generally  is struggling to pay his bills and can’t afford to have a life o quality!.It’s a survivor!… It’s the manna guy!…

The one who has quality of life: It’s an employer, lives in his own house, his kids study on private schools, has private health care, drives an expensive last  model car, has luxury vacations, makes shopping of the best brands, eats of the best of the land,etc..

The promise land it’s not to conquer only the physical, the material, but above all our salvation!…To be happily married, healthy, balanced and to have the peace and the inner joy.

John 16:24

Common English Bible (CEB)

“(…)  Ask and you will receive so that your joy will be complete.

Don’t fix your eyes on the crumbs, rather on the bread that God wants to give you.

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One Response to Manna or Promise Land?

  1. simonese joseph says:

    God says anything we ask in his
    name we shall recieve. Thank you
    pastor for this message.

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