Map Your Success

Something different

January is a peculiar month, because gives us oportunity to refocus, to make new goals, to start afresh and if necessary all over again!..There’s where a true beginning starts, on decisions.

If we keep on doing things as we have been doing lately, what can we expect from this year 2014?… So what things can you do in your life different?

Here are some hints and tips:


  • Make a check up.
  • Enrol in a gym or start some kind of physical exercise.
  • Eat healthier, avoid as much as you can “Junk Food”.
  • Make a diet to loose weight.


  • Tackle your debts.
  • Avoid unnecessary credit expenditure.
  • Apply for a new Job.
  • Take your driver’s licence.
  • Make a business plan.
  • Give that call, send that email, on and on again.


  • Spend more quality time with your loved ones.
  • Be more patient.
  • Show your love to them in different ways.
  • Be attentive to their needs.
  • Communicate more


  • Seek ways to improve your relationship.
  • Be selfless.
  • Make of your partner your confident, best friend.
  • Do not neglect your intimacy.
  • Have more complicity.

Love life:

  • Do not use your heart above your head when engaging in to a relationship.
  • Overome past failures in love life.
  • Overcome shyness.
  • Invest more in your appearance.
  • Get rid of complexes.
  • Work out your inner beauty.


  • Develop a relationship with God, by putting Him 1st in your life, trough obedience to His word and denying yourself.
  • Receive the Holy Spirit.
  • Become a soul winner.
  • Take decisions to please God, instead of  your flesh.
  • Be consistent in your attendance to the church.

Can you add something else on the list? Give your hint also.

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8 Responses to Map Your Success

  1. Vanessa Mendes says:

    Thank you for sharing Pr indeed there are good tips and ideas.
    They tips are indeed very benefitaul things to do and see great results.
    This year 2014 has to be different
    Thank you

  2. Sally says:

    Thank you Pr. It’s true it is an opportunity to self reflect and analyse all areas of our lives. This is very essential to take on board and to be bold in making decisions. Thank you.

  3. Helen says:

    Many thanks pastor, For you inspirational messages, I’m working on my inner peace by God’s grace I will be delivered. My relationship with God is getting stronger Amen.

  4. Lilian says:

    Pastor, thank you for the hints and tips, I know that as I apply them consistantly throughout the year I will see results.

  5. Hellena Gusinyu says:

    Thank you Pastor Elijah for sharing good ideas to start 2014 in a good way.I have just started applying some of your tips and i believe great results will come not only by reading on your blog and but taking action and going an extra mile in my spiritual life,finances,health and my love life. I believe god will use more to give us more spiritual food on you blog and not forgetting Mrs Anna to add more flavours on this blog.

  6. Dian Hardley says:

    Thank you Pr for the tips and hints. These really work along well with the meeting we had with you on Monday at 7:30pm. Investment or Expenditure? Time to analyse myself.

    Be Bless Pr.

  7. simonese joseph says:

    Ask god for direction in everything we do.

  8. richard says:

    very beneficial
    reading this has been inspirational
    And something I would like to take and stick to.

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