A donkey returned to his house, full of happiness and speaks to his mum:


“ I went to a city and when I got there people clapped hands to me, the crowds were cheering me on and were stretching their graments on the floor…Everybody was happy with my presence.


His mother questioned if he was alone and the donkey said: No, I was carrying a man by the name of Jesus. So his mother told him:


“My son, go back to that city, but now alone!…”


His son answered back and said::


“When I have an opportunity, I will go back….When he returned to that city alone, all those who passed by him, did the opposite!…He was badly treated, swore at and even physically beaten up.


Returning to his house, he said to his mum:


I am sad!..For nothing happened with me. I was swore at, nobody clapped hands to me, no honor!..I was only abused and badly treated. They didn’t recognise me mum!…


Annoyed the donkey asked his mum: “ Why did that happen with me?”


His mother told him: My dear son, without JESUS, you are just a donkey!….

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