The Doctor, The Prescription and The Pharmacy!…



The title seams to be pretty much explanatory!..Everything is linked and easy to understand. However I would like to establish a parallel between that and how faith needs to be used, so we can see the benefits off it.

Now, when one is sick, obviously goes to the doctor. That’s the first step!..To recognise that needs help, is a step of humbleness.  Shouldn’t we apply the same rule to other matters of life? Seek the “Doctor” of doctors!…God has healing, for what majority of the science, physicians, lawyers, money, hasn’t. Can you go to a doctor and ask for a tablet against past hurts? Abuse? Traumas? Does he has a prescription against hatred, unfaithfulness, bitterness, frustrations?

Obviously not!.. So we all should take that first step!…Going to God, not no religion, but to God, in spirit and in truth.

The doctor will give you a medical prescription, that contains the names of the remedies you will take, to tackle the pathology, sickness, symptoms one is having. That’s the second step!...To do what the doctor told you to do.

Many are those that come to God the “Doctor” in order to sort out their problems, however they don’t want to do whatever it was required by Him. Obedience, faithfulness, sacrifice, commitment, surrender, humbleness, are often what is written in the prescription.

After one decides to do what the doctor told, has to take that prescription, and go to the pharmacy, where he will exchange it by the remedies prescribed. That’s the third step!…What can the doctor do without the tablets or remedies? He’s restrained to your obedience and willingness to take the prescription over the counter, buy it and take it.

Once we came to God (1st Step), and received the prescription (2nd Step), we must go over the “Counter”….(3rd Step). We must apply what we have been told and taught, develop our talents and skills, use our faith so that we can benefit from it. Otherwise steps 1 and 2 are good for nothing!..

In a nutshell:  3 steps that can change your life.


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One Response to The Doctor, The Prescription and The Pharmacy!…

  1. simonese joseph says:

    Thanks pastor for sharing, because if we are sick and go the doctor and do not take the medicine we recieve we are to remain sick and the same way with God attending service alone won’t help us, we have to apply the teaching of the word in our own life. Sacrifice and surrender our desire and use our faith.

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